Humane society of south central michigan

2500 watkins road
Battle creek, MI 49015
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User Reviews (8)

  • 1. Don't Let it Fool You

    by: DogLover5115

    This place is not a good place. Yes they look nice, and they call themselves a "non-profit, no kill" but they definitely are not either of those things. I used to volunteer for 10 years. There new director has been banned from multiple humane societies. This shelter puts many animals down. They use the money for themselves, so when you pay $75-$225 for your new pet most of the money pays for the board members and the directors vacations. This shelter is a joke. Don't waste your time or money .


    lots of pets


    fake, money is used for the director's vacations

  • 2. I love this place

    by: littlesbg

    I love this shelter. I adopted my pookie there 8 years ago. The staff is friendly, helpful, and very caring.


    Great staff, caring, and loving



  • 3. potential family members

    by: Hollyb298

    I have adoped 3 "Kids"(dogs)\r\nfrom this shelter.\r\nI was given facts of where they were rescued, their age, breed, and potential problems that each pet may have.\r\nTwo of the dogs each lived to the age of 15, the third dog will be 10 next month.\r\n\r\nThank you Humane Society for what you do.


    clean, animals well taken care of


    overcrowded, noisy

  • 4. Every animal is a wanted pet!

    by: kitycatwhisperer

    Humane Society staff really go all out and really care for all the animals. They try to make their stay as less stressful and loving as they can. They could use some help with improving the shelter for the animals. Please help the Humane Society keep up all their great work. It's all about the animals.


    All the staff are helpful and care about all the animals.


    Some additons need to be made. to make the shelter better for the animals.

  • 5. Staff at the HSSCM

    by: marymorales

    The staff at the humane society are dedicated to what they do every day, they love and care for each and every animal that comes through the door as if it were a member of there own family. They are there everyday rain or shine, snow or sleet. They take pride and so they should as to how clean the facility is.. I am happy to say that we have a facility with such caring, loving and knowledgeable staff. Keep up the great work and jobs you do everyday.


    knowing you will get the best possible match for you & your family.


    there is never enough time in the day.

  • 6. GREAT!

    by: catluver2468jt

    I really love this shelter! They are very nice and know each pet very well! They can give you a whole bio on each pet! It's quite amazing! I will say they are strict on adoption but thats not all bad you know that each pet is going to a wonderful home. I would defiantly recommend them to you for getting your next pet!


    Very nice and know what they are talking about seem to know each animal extreamly well!


    Strict on adoption but thats not all that bad so none!

  • 7. HSSCM

    by: katerss08

    Staff is great. Many loving animals. Cat room is awesome how they all are wandering around and not stuck in cages. Dogs have there own run around. Very clean and helpful. Great oppertunity for vollenteers. There is never nothing not to do!




    None at all!

  • 8. Great place!

    by: Wrifton

    We have adopted many many animals from this shelter and it is a great experience every time!!


    Very helpful staff