Humane society of north iowa

2700 south birch drive
Mason city, IA 50401
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. bad place and bad people

    by: thisplacesucks

    Bad place animals are dirty staff is nasty looking like they need a bath to. Lady at desk needs a real job one that pays here more so she can shop some were besides affordables.


    pros now thats a laugh


    volenteers from crack head U working there

  • 2. Great shelter to adopt!

    by: queenmolly98

    We adopted our beautiful girl Payton from HSNI in 2007. Their website was very helpful in displaying the pets that they have available for adoption before we made the long drive to Mason City. Once there, we were able to meet the dogs and play with them in the yard. We decided that Payton was the right fit for us and were able to adopt her after meeting with the staff and having our application approved!


    Very helpful in selecting the perfect pet!


    Small shelter - they definitely need more space.

  • 3. society vs shelter

    by: MarcieAndOliversMom

    I have adopted one of my dogs there. The other I adopted from the animal shelter here in town (which is closer than indicated)\r\n\r\nI was wondering if its possible to combine these shelters into one since they are in the same town. Would it not benefit both to get the traffic the other recieves?


    No kill shelter


    to small to hold all the animals :(

  • 4. Small Space in North Iowa with Big Dreams

    by: hsnorthiowa

    The only thing holding back this shelter is lack of space and a more efficient facility (and currently the full amount of funds needed for a new facility). The current shelter is extremely small, so volunteers and potential adoptees are practically walking on top of each other trying to get through the building. They are currently working with the City to move to a new site, which is long over due. The current shelter is in a residential area, with no room for expansion. The Humane Society of North Iowa is working hard to get the funds for their new building. \r\n\r\nThey have a caring staff and many volunteers that serve a 9 county area with ever growing needs. Any support from the community and the surrounding areas is greatly appreciated. They are always in the news, promoting the humane treatment of animals in North Iowa.


    Caring staff that goes above and beyond


    Definitely need a new building; no room for expansion