Humane society of north central iowa / webster county

2415 1/2 5th avenue south P.o. box 3013
Fort dodge, IA 50501
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  • 1. Desperate need of new shelter!

    by: dethomas2001

    The North Central Iowa Humane Society is located in a small rural community in central Iowa. This doesn't mean there isn't the need for a shelter. There is a need for a bigger and better shelter. They have the hardest working staff I've ever known. They supply work for community service workers and anyone who wants to volunteer. In recent years there have been many staff changes but they finally think they have the right fit. The shelter is just getting started on fund raising with a hire of one of the shelter's favorite people. They have a great deal of care and concern for the animals and no animal will be adopted out that isn't 100%. They are even now working on trying to spend more time on training the dogs to heal, sit, stay and possibly some house training which is difficult with shelter dogs. They have a very limited space to walk dogs which is a hinderance and no grass. The shelter often floods in the spring and severe rains. This would be my pick for a new shelter versus a shelter in a larger community with the option to receive larger donations.


    Knowledgeable staff and very helpful.


    Definately in need of a new shelter.