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  • 1. Cat died

    by: NYCer

    We have been taking our cat in for treatment for many months. At first it was clearly a dental problem, but we also diagnosed a thyroid tumor and started our boy on treatment. This went well for a while, we had to go back every few weeks to follow-up with blood work. Well, he started getting lethargic and falling asleep standing up. When I found him asleep with his head in the food bowl I immediately took him back to the Humane Society. The doctor took more blood and gave him a quick check. Found nothing. Two weeks later our little boy can't even stand. I rush him to a vet ER in Manhattan where I am told that his red blood cell count is slow low that it can not be measured and they he had minutes to live. They questioned me about the last time we took him to see a vet and were very surprised that this was not detected. We are upset and want some answers. Were told they would do autopsy, if he had a bad case of cancer, I can understand that he probably would die. But we were completely unprepared for this, as far as the vet at the humane society was concerned, our boy was stable and was improving.




    Attention is questionable


    by: william123

    When i had a surplus of cats due to births, i needed to know whether someone would take them if i myself did not keep them (I kept all of them, by the way). Humane responded that they would take any of my sweeties that I wished to bring them -- there was a nominal and reasonable fee involved -- but i did have peace of mind. I called many shelters, and those many shelters refused me. The Humane Society did NOT refuse me along with North Shore, who also would accept my cats. At the time, this was a big deal to me and gave me much relief -- I've not forgotten and chances are i will not ever forget.






    by: carlin139






  • 4. Good organizatiom

    by: RichardK

    Not a regular client but have used them to help with a friend's dog - hit by car. They were really very nice and luckily the dog was OK


    Nice staff


    None I hope

  • 5. Humane Society of NY clinic

    by: barkleyandcajun

    I have always found the veterinary staff at the clinic of the Humane Society of New York to be very knowledgeable. I am particularly impressed by the level of expertise of the vet. techs. I have had two animals spayed/neutered at the facility and was very impressed by the tiny, well made incisions. While I have been more comfortable with some vets more than others, I do not hesitate to take my pets to this facility.


    run like a well-oiled machine


    all facets of the public show up

  • 6. Taking care of my baby

    by: dreadlocbeauti

    I took my cat here to get "fixed". It was one of the most emotional days of my life, and I felt so helpless. Thanx to the friendly staff everything was explained to me in detail, and I was comfortable with leaving my lil nugget in their hands. After the surgery I took Nugget home and nursed her back to health. She healed well, and was back to normal within 48 hours. Thank You for taking care of my lil one.


    Very Friendly enviorment


    Didnt receive a follow up call as promised

  • 7. More like Inhumane Society

    by: kittykitty8

    My boyfriend and I had been wanting to adopt another cat for a while for a companion cat to my older one. After looking online on, we decided to pay a visit to the Humane Society on a recent Sunday afternoon.\n\nWe met with an adoption agent, and had a look at the cats available for adoption. I thought it was nice that they let the cats out to roam around the place. We filled out the application and provided personal references (which I thought was a great thing that they checked people out). There were many cuties, but later that day, we made a decision to adopt a 4 year old female who we thought would be a nice compliment to my resident cat's personality. \n\nBefore calling back to inquire about the status of our application, I went back online to and found the profile for the cat we wanted to adopt. In the profile (which was way outdated; it said she was a year and a half, and she was actually 4 yrs old), it said that she had to have her jaw wired after an accident, and had to have soft food for life.\nNobody mentioned this to us when we were there, so I asked about it when I called.\n\nThe adoption agent said to me, "oh yeah, that was a long time ago, and she's perfectly fine now...", and that she actually preferred dry food to wet.\nThis did not discourage us from wanting to adopt her, we just wanted to know what the deal was so we could prepare.\n\nWe made arrangements to come and pick the cat up on that Friday afternoon; we paid the $125 adoption fee, and they gave us copies of her health records, and proof that her shots were up to date. Before we left with our new kitty, they gave us some of the food she had been eating at the shelter.\n\nWe took a cab back to Queens, and brought the new cat into our apartment. It took a while for the resident cat to calm down, and we had to keep the new kitty in a separate room for a few days. She was very affectionate towards us, purring, jumping around, etc., but still hadn't eaten any food since bringing her home (it had been 2-3 days at this point). We did see her drink water a couple of times, but we were getting very concerned about the food. We figured it was mainly due to the fact that the resident cat and the new surroundings were stressing her out a bit.\n\nI tried calling the Humane Society back to see if they could give me any tips, and they just told me that I should try different brands of food because she was a finicky eater, which we did. Nothing worked.\nWe finally brought her in to our local vet the next morning, and explained to him the situation.\n\nOne of the first things he did was look inside her mouth. Much to our horror, we discovered that this poor kitty had 3 of her canines knocked out, and had exposed roots! Very painful! No wonder she wasn't eating...Our vet reassured us that this had NOT happened in the last few days that we had her; that this had been like this for a while. My boyfriend and I looked at each other in shock; how did they not treat her for this at the shelter??? After evaluation, our vet said that she was going to need extensive oral surgery to correct this; it was an emergency situation, and it had to be done asap. We, of course, agreed to this because we love this cat, and are going to do whatever we have to to make her well. The bill was over $1300 (this isn't a fancy-pants vet, either). The fact that there were no infections/abcesses/tumors is beyond luck.\n\nHow in the world did the Humane Society let this cat exist with this painful condition??? Well, we called them to find out, explaining what our vet had to do. It turns out that NOBODY THERE REALIZED SHE HAD HER TEETH KNOCKED OUT! Are you kidding me? You mean, nobody ever bothered to look in her mouth anytime after she had her jaw fixed (this was in 2005, and we adopted her in 2008)? They were so "surprised" about it when we called. All they could say was that they must have had sloppy vet look at her...and that we should have dragged the poor thing all the way back into Manhattan for them to look at her (our vet was not going to let us leave without treating her). The bottom line is that they were not going to help us out with the bill whatsoever. Wow.\nWe are so disappointed with this place. We thought the Humane Society was one of the top-notch places to go to adopt. How could they have overlooked this poor kitty's condition? God only knows how long she had to suffer. I wonder how many other animals there have conditions that are being overlooked?\nWe really feel like we rescued this kitty from a "rescue" place. Thank goodness we found her.\n


    I guess they can provide low-cost vet services (?)


    Negligent of cat's health!

  • 8. Long standing reputation as a quality facility is true

    by: dfairbank

    Humane Society is a wonderful facility. They staff is knowledgable, kind and compastionate. You don't find such true emotions everywhere.


    Been around for a very long time


    Need more funds and help

  • 9. Good service with limited funds

    by: guitargirl

    We looked at two dogs when we were looking to adopt. The staff was very helpful and obviously showed a great love of animals.


    The Staff



  • 10. Human Society drop in

    by: feralcat212

    I took a dog I was caring for to this Human Society location and had a pleasent experience. Plus, the bill was affordable and not highway robbery like some Veterinary Clinics. They also got me in last minute, even though they were swamped.


    Affordable, clean, friendly staff



  • 11. Great service, great price!

    by: jblivingston

    I had a foster cat who needed his tail removed, as it had been broken prior to arriving in the shelter. I was able to get him fixed, the tail docked, teeth cleaned and one tooth removed for $181. That is what my vet charges for a simple office visit! They do a great job and Troy, the cat, did not appear to be emotionally stunted from his experience.


    Great price for excellent service


    Can take a bit of time to get an appointment, when you drop off and pick up your pets, the wait can be long.