Humane society of indianapolis

7929 n. michigan road
Indianapolis, IN 46268
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. way more than the average shelter!

    by: heart4paws

    they provide an amazing amount of services to each animal and information to make for more informed adoptions for the fees they charge. They know a lot more about the animals behavior and take the time to do regular testing to monitor them, so that they can match pets appropiate to a family's needs and try to make sure potential adopters have realistic expectations and do what's in the best interest of the animals, even if that means not adopting a certain pet to a certain family if they don't feel it will be a successful bonding and might mean the animal comes back. When you add up the cost of what they include to other shelters, pet stores or breeders, they cost a lot less to obtain a pet and give you a lot more right up front. They need more public support and donations to keep going!\r\n


    they want to make great matches that will last for life, not just send animals home with anyone


    none really, like all places they want to do even more, but need money from the public

  • 2. Indy Shelter

    by: kathyjackson

    I used the dog park at this facility and it is wonderful. I am very glad to hear that they are now a no-kill shelter. However, I work with rescue and have seen firsthand that they will charge higher than normal fees for supposedly purebred animals. They will also charge rescues the same high fee to pull the animal. If they were truly about the animals, I would think they would want to work with rescues, not extort them. Also, if they want to charge such high fees for PB's, they should also furnish the paperwork proving that the animal is a PB.


    Now a no-kill facility, dog park on premises


    Excessive adoption fees for supposed purebreeds and high pull fees for rescues

  • 3. This place is great!

    by: higgy22

    Of all of the shelters I have ever visited, the Humane Society of Indianapolis is one of the best. On top of being a no kill shelter, they have an excellent facility. I adopted my girl Kaya from there, and it was a wonderful experience!


    Very clean and organized.


    Very busy!