Humane society of greenwood

P.o. box 242 1616 hwy 72/221 east
Greenwood, SC 29648
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User Reviews (17)

  • 1. Well Lets See

    by: dyell101

    I really think that most of the employees there care deeply for the animals and their well-being. The place is mostly clean, but as you know with any animal that is a tuff job. The animals are always well fed. I liked some of the staff there. Especially Heather, she is the best!!! So is Sandy. Both of them care deeply for the animals and show it everyday. They also go the extra mile, and that is super inmportant to me. Danielle


    most of the employees really care about the animals


    high kill volume, and low adoption percentage

  • 2. Why greenwood should get extra points

    by: tlwker

    This shelter needs our help, we are not a large community and all the help for the animals and those who care for them is more than greatly appreciated it's needed. Try as they might there is never enough, space,time or help.Please give us a chance


    Staff is very dedicated and helpful, they truy care about the animals


    When it comes to cons for this place there is only one not enough space

  • 3. Love this place!!

    by: DaffyDeb

    I love this place. As soon as you get there, it is apparent how much the people there care for the animals. The animals are very well taken care of. The place is clean and the staff is very friendly. If they don't know the answer to your question, they find it out immediately, and let you know. They do well with what they have. I do wish they had more so they could do more.


    friendly, clean, they love the animals


    wish they had more money to work with

  • 4. Greenwood HSOG is The Best

    by: blythewood1

    Though the building is very undesirable, the staff does an outstanding job keep it clean and free of disease & germs. And all with the best attitude you could ever imagine. Kudos to them all!!!


    Greatly needs a new building


    The staff deals with it

  • 5. The BEST of the BEST!

    by: hwhisnant

    I am a volunteer at the HSOG. I come here to get away from the stresses of school and life to be with "man's best friend." You can tell right away that the animals here are treated right. The staff is very knowledgeable about their animal residents and always happy to answer questions. I love the HSOG!


    The staff is always there to answer questions and tend to the animals!


    I would say the only con is that it is small! Maybe if it was bigger, more animals could be helped!

  • 6. Great Animals + Caring People = Happy Endings

    by: BillandMarilyn

    Humane Society of Greenwood gets an A+ rating from us. We're among their many volunteers, and can't say enough good things about both the animals available for adoption, and about the staff commitment to animal well-being. The animals available for adoption are a healthy, happy crew who could only be happier with forever homes. The staff goes above and beyond to rescue, care for and place animals in loving homes. A great place to find a great companion!


    Great selection of dogs and cats! Caring and attentive staff!


    Not yet discovered by all.

  • 7. Great Place / Great People / Great Animals

    by: kitcat72

    The Humane Society of Greenwood is wonderful. The people who work there are very nice and they really care about the animals. If you are looking for a pet I would definitely check out the animals here!!!


    They really care!!!!


    Need more funding

  • 8. Greenwood Humane Society Rocks!

    by: Strawhatsheik

    Maybe my view is a bit biased because I work here, but this place is great. The animals here are truly the number one priority. We do our best for customers, but the animal's needs are ALWAYS our first priority, even above our own. The animals get more than the basics of life, such as food. They also get the most important ingrediant of life, lots of LOVE. Animals here get exercise time and one on one time. We also provide GREAT services. We microchip animals, including handling the registration, for just $22 dollars. We have a low cost spay and neuter clinic, and if you can't afford even THAT, we'll try to find some way to work with you. We educate and try to help people take better care of their pets. Not just for the animals sake, but for the persons too!\r\nI just want to say that I am VERY happy here (and all you guys at the shelter are awesome to work with!). I left the corporate world of retail and nickel-and-diming and I NEVER looked back! I go to work every day truly grateful that this is where God put me, and content in the knowledge that this is where he wants me. I never had that at any of my other jobs, even getting up early every day isn't so bad!\r\n


    Animals are loved


    Not enough space!

  • 9. HSOG

    by: candicedulin

    HSOG is an awesome shelter. They are definately doing the best job they can with the funds they are given. As with any shelter it would be better if there weren't a need but since that is not yet an option, I am glad that they are there for the homelss pets of Greenwood. The staff is very friendley and knowledgable. They provide an interesting and successful approach to keeping all animals.


    compassionate staff



  • 10. These folks LOVE animals

    by: KathleenD

    These folks are the most caring animals lovers I've had the honor to know. They work very hard to keep from putting down animals. They are active in their community and have good community support. Their facilities are not the best, but they everything they can with what they have to work with.


    Their love for animals


    Their facilities leave something to be desired, but they do their best.

  • 11. Greenwood Humane Society

    by: absmith82

    I think that Greenwood is very lucky to have a group of people that love animals sooo much working at their shelter!!! They are a wonderful team! i have taken 2 of my pets to the spay/neuter clinic and had no worries leaving my animals in their care!!! two thumbs up!!!





  • 12. I Love This Place!!

    by: HumaneHarley

    I love working here! Like Lacey said, cuddling with cats and dogs all day is great but, that is not all we do here. We have a great staff who works their tails off for the animals here. We also have great volunteers who do the same thing! As an employee of the Greenwood Humane Society, I would like to Thank everybody who helps us out. We do an awesome job together!!


    kind, dedicated staff


    a facality that could be improved on

  • 13. greenwood humane society

    by: crazywoman

    the greenwood humane society is a great place to adopt a pet. the staff and volunteers are always friendly and helpful.


    very helpful staff and volunteers


    need more room

  • 14. The Humane Society of Greenwood is great

    by: cheddarsmomma

    This Humane Society needs some touch ups and then we will be ok for the animals.\r\n


    It's suitable for the animals


    none really

  • 15. Has great advice and are the only one i know!

    by: jade

    My mom works there and i know enough about it that i could say they know their stuff! Almost everyone that knows us and lives in our area asks my mom and grandma for advice on their pets. If anyone that works at that sheelter finds a stray they spay/neuter it, give it a name, and try to find a home for them straight away. I would recomend this shelter to anyone i know!


    do a great job


    Don't have enough stuff

  • 16. we love animals and thier people!

    by: lacearita

    You would love to cuddle with animals all day, take them for walks and really take time to bond....but first we care for them at a basic level. Food water and proper bedding. medicine if needed. a bath, a little dewormer, a vaccine or two, then it's time to care for the next furry friend, and the next and so on until all 250 or more are cared for. by that time we are called home to our furry friends there who need the same care or more! as a staff member at HSOG i want to say thank you! to my peers and management for all the great work we do and also to our Board of Directors, THANK YOU! you are always there to pitch in and help and your support is so greatly appreciated!


    dedicated staff


    poor facility

  • 17. I love HSOG!!!!

    by: Wingedmonkey67

    Staff and director at HSOG are BEYOND dedicated!!!! Each day they provide excellent care to the animals, although they are in a facility which needs some serious upgrading.


    Hard workers, extremely dedicated!!!!


    Working in old facility with many structural issues.