Humane society of greater kingsport

2141 idle hour road
Kingsport, TN 37660
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. awful

    by: misssarah5

    I went yesterday to the shelter and was appalled. they had three very aggressive dogs that should have been put down. Most of the dogs looked sickly and poorly fed. Many of the dogs were underweught and shivering.


    healthy cats


    sick dogs, agressive dogs, underweight dogs, puppies freezing

  • 2. Tough Area - Good Shelter

    by: DigitalDog

    The South in general is a tough area for pets and it's even worse here. The next county over has one shelter run by the local Humane Society (of Hawkins County) whose President (as least as of 2007) is a puppy mill. With that on your doorstep, it's understandable the challenges that the Humane Society of Greater Kingsport faces. Nevertheless, they maintain an up-to-date petfinder site, have a good screening process for homes and have several volunteers that work with fostering and transporting pet. They also have good work going on with education in the community. Is there more that could be done? Of course there is, everywhere, but given the spot they are in (literally and figuratively) their accomplishments border on miraculous.


    hardworking, knowledgable, productive, friendly


    understaffed, underfunded in an area of animal unfriendly community

  • 3. An Awsome Place

    by: sweetporttn

    I have been too this center multiple times. Every time I come to it it has always been clean and taken care of. The volunteers and workers that are there actual seem like they care about the animals. I have even volunteered here a couple of times and it was awsome.


    Friendly, Clean, and Enjoyable place to visit


    A little far out.

  • 4. A nice facility, but it has its issues

    by: NickieDo

    This facility is awesome, a great set up with a FEW wonderful volunteers. Their adoption policies seem to be a "floating standard" which is irritating.\n\nI have worked at a vets office for several years and lived on a farm all of my life. So I do have experience with animals. Yet when I went to adopt a pit bull from the shelter I got turned away. It just seems to me that this shelter has no interest what so ever in finding homes for pit bulls. They instead want to fill their shelter with them and stick "beware of dog" signs on their kennel doors.\n\n99% of the pits in this shelter have "beware of dog" signs on their kennel, and only 2 pit bulls that i have seen there were actually aggressive. On the other hand there was a med sized mix breed dog that LUNGED at my son while we were there and when I told a shelter volunteer, NOTHING WAS DONE. \n\nThey require special home checks for pit bulls, but not other breeds. I think they should all have home checks... all pets deserve an approved home.


    very nice facility


    their pit bull policy