Humane society of greater kansas city

5445 parallel parkway
Kansas city, KS 66104
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  • 1. HS of KC

    by: bernie131

    I Know it is hard to adopt pets out to suitable families.., if the shelter could receive help in getting pets adopted since it is a "no kill" shelter. Any shelter that is a "no kill" shelter should receive help over our "Animal Control" that puts animals down under the minimum hold time. I was interviewed by KCTV5 when I lost my Maltese and for a month I called down there everyday. They would not let me go back to look for my dog...after some connections and persistance, they let me go look at the "FEMALE POODLE" that was actually MY MALE Maltese... he was set to be "put down". I knew it was my dog so I would not give 5 did an investigations and found that a vet comes in once a week and it doesn't matter when the animal came in..if it is Tuesday.......,,,, they go down..It is heartbreaking for so many pet owners and they do not care. So and "no Kill" shelter should get as much help as possible!!!!


    Accomadating, kind ,concerned employees


    Always at maximum status with the limit of pets.