Humane society of greater akron / summit county humane society

4904 quick road
Peninsula, OH 44264
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User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Great place to support

    by: kmc2

    The Humane Society of Greater Akron is a great place to adopt from and support. You can tell that everyone there really cares about the animals. The shelter they are currently in needs a lot of work and they have space restrictions, so please support them so they can continue their mission.


    Caring staff, knowledgeable.


    Shelter space needs renovation.

  • 2. Good people

    by: Ninnerfish

    I adopted a bunny (Snuffy) from them about two years ago. The staff was very helpful and let me take my time getting to know the animals they had available before I made a choice. You could tell that their animals were very well cared for and socialized. \n\nI also work with a volunteer from the HSGA and know from her the lengths that this shelter goes to for the animals. They are willing to spend the money to help animals with health problems that would cause most shelters to euthanize them. \n\nTheir facility is horribly out of date (an old barn) through no fault of their own. It would be wonderful if they could raise the funds for a new building that would allow them to house more animals.


    Really care about the animals.


    Need a more modern facility.

  • 3. Found my lost dog at this shelter

    by: billiezal

    I was calling all over the area to locate (hopefully) my dog which had broke loose from his chain. He is a large 120 pound dog and so I was worried someone would hurt him just being afraid of his size. I was told buy the local dog pund that there is little luck for me due to the fact that dogs that size usually have unhappy endings when lost. Once I got in touch with a live person at the Humane shelter they were as concerned as I was and with the help of their staff, they were able to check the latest pick ups and call me right back. I was told of a fee they were goign to have to charge me and I ran out to pick him up. When I saw him, he was in great condition as they treated him with minor vet service for cuts and scratches from an apparent fight, and gave him a shot. I paid a very small fee, (less than $50) and they were very kind to me by complementing my care of him. I am very glad they are the ones to have him.


    They contacted me quickly about my runaway pooch.



  • 4. AWESOME!!

    by: spice7

    This is a great place to adopt. The staff is courteous, and can't do enough to help you and the animals. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone looking to adopt. I did and and sooo happy!


    large facility... dogs are in a nice enviorment



  • 5. Wonderful!!

    by: BumbleBee525

    this shelter has great staff and the animals are well cared for but....... its way to small for them to rescue as many animals as tehy would like we need a renovation badly and not many people volenteer her we also need more volenteers


    This is a great shelter and the animals are well cared for!


    But.... Its to small!