Humane society of elmore county

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Wetumpka, AL 36092
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User Reviews (19)

  • 1. These people work SO hard !

    by: bailey5500

    These people work so hard for these poor babies to try to help them find homes and people just don't realize what a hard, stressfull, sometimes sad job this is. \r\nTo watch the ones who don't get adopted is heartbreaking...\r\nThank God for these people ( especially you Jenefier ) for going out of your way in so many cases, even bringing some home with you, even tho you have a ton at home that you have already brought home.\r\nThere will certainly be a place in heaven for people like you, cause not everybody can do this job.\r\nCompassionate, yet tuff at the same time, to be able to stomach some of the things you see...\r\nBless you guys for what you're doing...\r\nDr. & Mrs. Jim Williams\r\n\r\n


    They luv these animals



  • 2. Very nice and good deeds

    by: shawnduncan

    I have been by there several times and have always been inpressed by the staff and volunteers. They treat the animals there very well, as well as visitors stopping by to see whats available.


    Staff and volunteers are wonderful.


    Need a bigger space due to intake of animals.

  • 3. Humane Shelter of Elmore Co

    by: tmcginty

    Elmore Co Humane Shelter has a caring, knowledgeable staff, which does a fantastic job educating the public. They publish weekly informative articles in our local newspaper and feature adoptable pets. They also work extremely hard with many annual fund raising events for their animals. “Thank you”, to the staff members and all volunteers who work to make a difference in the animal’s lives of Elmore County!


    Clean facility, knowledgable/caring staff, animals appear healthy, public education


    Too small

  • 4. Great shelter with limited resources

    by: doglover60

    The Elmore County Shelter is doing a fantastic job of placing pets in forever homes. The shelter has outgrown it's facility and hopes to expand soon.


    Friendly caring staff, clean pet area


    Cramped facility

  • 5. Hardworking animal shelter desperately in need of new facilities.

    by: christhewilsonzoo

    PROS: The folks at this shelter work so hard to find homes for the animals in their care. they have arrangements with the local PetSmart, and they always have cats/kittens available in the adoption area there (unlike some of the other shelters). They send volunteers out nearly every Saturday with puppies/young dogs for adoption. They participate at every opportunity then can to get the animals out there for adoption. I dodn't think I see any of the other shelters in the tri-county area working harder than they do to put their animals out there in the public eye. In addition to do their animal adoptions, they also operate their "Tail's End" thrift shop that takes in tax-deductible donations and sells them. They're a very popular shopping location.\r\n\r\nCONS: This isn't really a con against the shelter - it's a con that needs to be addressed FOR the shelter in order to allow them to grow and be the best shelter they can be. They are land-locked on a difficult lot that will not allow for futuer growth of their shelter. At this point, they have pretty much out grown their current facility, and they have nowhere to go but either "up or out". Unfortunately, the funds aren't really there to do either - the funds that come in go toward the animals.\r\n\r\nThings like the ZooToo website is a great opportunity for the Elmore County Humane Shelter to get what they need to become an even better shelter.


    Work hard to find homes for animals under their care.


    In need of new site and facilities.

  • 6. Great work

    by: litlsrescuemission

    I believe the Elmore County staff works hard with events such as Bark in the Park and doing promotions at PetSmart stores to finds homes for the pets they accomodate. I have friends who have adopted from there and were pleased with the care of their animal. \r\nThanks ELmore County and good luck in winning a makeover!\r\n


    Staff works hard at events and to find homes for their pets


    They need a better facility to better staff

  • 7. Best in the area

    by: sheets625

    About 2 years ago, my husband and I decided to adopt a puppy. We went to several other shelters in the area and even drove to a couple not in the area. We finally found the perfect dog for us at the shelter in Wetumpka. The staff was very helpful and we didn't feel like intruders when we stepped in the door as with the larger shelter in our area.


    Staff clearly loves what they do



  • 8. Great Shelter

    by: kelhes

    I found and adopted my dog Hannah through a web search that led me to this shelter. Her picture stole my heart and led me to drive a couple of hours to meet her. She was being fostered after being treated for heartworms and her foster mom brought her to the shelter to meet me and my other dog Mack. Once I met her I knew I would adopt her and after a few more weeks of being fostered she was able to come home with me. They were wonderful at responding to e-mails and keeping me updated on what was going on, as well as the foster mom sending me pictures of Hannah.


    great staff, online website with pet pictures


    too far from where I live to volunteer

  • 9. Best Shelter Ever!

    by: AlabamaEJ

    We got our little Chance from the Elmore County Shelter. He was in perfect health and the most loving little thing you have ever seen. The ladies were very helpful and really cared about their duties. They explained every detail and answered every question. Great job everyone, keep up the hard work.


    They are doing all they can to place homeless pets and doing a great job!


    Just not enough money to go around - they need your help!

  • 10. Unmatchable!!!

    by: Bamasma58

    If there is one thing I can say about this shelter.. The people there are absolutely wonderful and their love and knowledge of animals is unmatchable!!! The shelter is clean and full of smiling faces, despite what each staff memeber faces of a daily basis....


    Happy, Healthy, critters!! The animals are great too...hehehe


    Lack of funds...

  • 11. I Might be a bit Biased

    by: RCord

    As the Director for our shelter I am obviously a bit biased, but want to thank my staff as they are the ones who deserve all the accolades. Our small staff of eight work amazingly hard to care for our animals and find as many good homes for them as we can. Our board and volunteers add to this through the additional events and fund-raising activities that help keep our doors open and increase awareness of Repsponsible Pet Ownership. We couldn't have such a great adoption program if not for the support of all the veterinarians in the Tri-County area and then some. That the area vets will accept our adopted pets free health exams and do their spay/neuters at a reduced rate means the world to us and we greatly appreciate all they do to help us and all the animals they see. We also thank the wonderful animal loving public who donates money, supplies and thrift store items to our shelter and all those who rescue animals in need and adopt them when it is right to add a pet to the family. It takes all of us working together to make a difference and I just want to say thank you so very much to everyone who helps us fight the fight every day to save as many of the animals in our care as we possibly can.


    We Care


    Irresponsible Pet Owners

  • 12. Working in a shelter

    by: jenefierlee

    I love working at this shelter. The people who work here with me, staff and volunteers, are all here because they love animals, and they truly want to help them. This is by far the most gratifying work I have ever done, at night I am tired, but when I go to bed at night, I haven't made a company richer, and I'm stressed out for a real cause, and for a good reason. Come and see all of our wonderful pets!


    Very Gratifying!



  • 13. A caring shelter

    by: jabaker

    I have never wanted to help/volunteer with a humane shelter until I came in contact with the Elmore Humane Shelter. You can tell when you meet the staff that they care very much about what they do. They do a great job caring for the animals as well as the hard job of deciding when they can do no more for an animal. They should be commended for the good work they do in our community. The shelter is kept clean and the animals are well taken care of and I feel that every effort is made to find good homes for the animals. The shelter staff works very hard to raise money for the shelter and involves the community in their efforts. I will always adopt from them whenever a place in my zoo comes open.


    The staff is very compassionate


    very small shelter accomodating a very large animal population

  • 14. Great shelter!

    by: Scarlett2410

    Adopted a dog from this shelter approximately a month ago. Had a very good experience. Staff was friendly and helpful and actually held my dog for me while she was waiting for a health clearance to be adopted out. Gave a great care package with the adopted dog. \r\n\r\nI will definitely adopt my next dog from this shelter.


    Very friendly, helpful staff that loves animals.


    They need much more space and updated facilities.

  • 15. Well Managed

    by: k9krate

    I have a great deal of respect for the director & staff of this shelter. It is very well managed. They are proactive in getting the dogs and cats out to where the public can see & adopt them as well as getting the community involved in fundraising activities. For the small size of the shelter and the rural area, they do a great deal of good.


    well run, active volunteer program


    small parking lot

  • 16. Working Hard to Place Animals

    by: rmcm98

    I have visited this shelter on numerous occasions, and although I do not have a pet, I know someone who adopted two wonderful dogs from this shelter. All the dogs I have viewed on my trips seem to be healthy (or getting treatment), and the staff has been very couteous and helpful. They work hard to get the pets adopted and to raise money to make the shelter a better place for the animals.


    Caring, knowledgeable staff...dogs in certain runs very compatible..or they are moved.


    Haven't really viewed any cons as shelters go

  • 17. Excellent shelter!

    by: kidfam

    They are an excellent shelter considering the location.


    They provide a run around in the back for animals and the enclosures are very humane


    They need a bigger parking lot! LOL--also more $ to enhance their donation establishment

  • 18. A wonderful place doing it's best to help animals

    by: merriego

    I have visited several times. The building is always clean, animals are walked and socialized as much as possible. This shelter uses every avenue possible to spread the word about their animals and increase adoptions.


    Staff is helpful and they have great volunteers


    small buildings, but they do the best with what they have

  • 19. This shelter is great! Saving animals is #1 !

    by: charliepope

    This shelter has staff that are really caring, animal lovers. These people are trying very hard to save the animals that come into this shelter. They work long days, and need more funds to help them get more done. \r\n\r\n So glad they are there for our community!!


    Great folks making a diffence in the life of the animals!


    Small staff, they need time to get to you if tied up, but worth the wait