Humane society of dorchester county

P.o. box 132
Cambridge, MD 21613
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  • 1. My Boys

    by: martinnpatsy

    I think we have a great shelter considering what we have to work with. The people working there are very knowledgeable on all the animals and work very hard to get them adopted as well as fostered out. They have even gotten a couple of businesses in this small town to take in cats at their establishments which is great exposure for the animal. All things are possible and I sure hope that we get a bigger facility. Everyone just needs to reach a little further into their pockets and give. I know that this is not a great time for asking but remember you could be saving a life of our human animals and they are all human beings.


    Wonderful Staff, Great Friends and such loving animals


    We need a bigger shelter to accommodate the amount of animals we are taking in these days. We can only foster so many!