Humane society of decatur and macon county

2890 north martin luther king jr drive
Decatur, IL 62526
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User Reviews (1)

  • 1. Not So Great...

    by: natasha101

    We found this place on Pet Finder and wanted to adopt one of their dogs. At first, they seemed friendly and were willing to let us meet the dog. The lady was enthusiastic about us adopting her. We then sent in an application for the dog. We did not hear one word from those people for over 3 weeks. Finally, my mom called to check the status of our adoption. No answer, she left a message, and they never returned the phone call. The next day we called again because it took me a year to earn this dog and I was really excited to get her. That time, they said the lady we needed to talk to was in a meeting and she d call us back, which she didn t. Today, my mom got an email saying our application was declined. Reason: LACK OF INTEREST (DID NOT RETURN PHONE CALLS). That made me so mad because THEY were the ones who never called US back. If you re going to adopt form this place, then expect complication and a long time for them to process and approve your application. You d think their main priority would be to get their dogs and cats out of the shelter and to good homes, but apparently not. I would recommend adopting from the Animal Protective League in Springfield, IL (less than an hour from Decatur). It s cheaper, the employees are very nice, and it will much less time for them to process your application. We got our dog Vito there 3 1/2 years ago and adopting him was fun and simple! :)


    nice animals


    took forever, complicated