Humane society of cumberland county

782 east lane
Crossville , TN 38555

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  • 1. Unstable Employee Yells at me over the phone

    by: shasindow

    I sent this letter to the Crossville, TN Humane society recently: "I called yesterday to find out what I could do about an animal someone had dumped off on my residence and before I could finish what I was saying the man on the phone raised his voice and started going off on me. He yelled at me "YOU CANT JUST BRING YOUR ANIMAL HERE WE ARE FULL UP!" and then proceeded to tell me that they weren't a service where you can just bring your pet because you dont want it anymore. I tried to get a word in edgewise to explain to him it wasn't my pet, but I could tell it didnt matter to him. He was making accusations and judgements and appeared to have some serious personal issues. When I inquired whether or not if he knew of another facility that could help me, like animal control perhaps. (I only mentioned it because on your answering machine message it says for animal pickup call animal control) He went off again raising his voice and yelling at me over the phone that Animal Control was not a pet pickup service! This goes well beyond someone being rude and having a bad day. I hope this person which I didnt get his name, isn't being paid to work there and if he's a volunteer I'd seriously consider screening my volunteers better before allowing them to be the face of your establishment by having them answer phones. Someone else that I called told me that most of the people who work at your facility are disgruntled and I felt disappointed that you're not offering any service to this community by turning people away. I dont know if you get grants to run your facility or not but I'm going to keep inquiring into this situation until perhaps I can find out from someone. If you have a supervisor they should see this email. Is it typical for your employees to imply that an animal just be hauled off to some location because 1)The Humane Society doesn't want them and 2)Animal Control is not a pickup service? The man was very angry and disgruntled and there was no reason for him to go off on me like he did over the phone. I'm going to be leaving a negative review of your business online and also going to talk to the people at the PAWS shop which I go to frequently to inquire more about this situation and the employees." No one should be spoken to this way and there is no excuse for this kind of behavior or response from an establishment that is supposed to be serving the community.




    no one should be spoken to that way

  • 2. HSCC

    by: dmpotter

    I have often visited the shelter and have been impressed with the staff and the amount they accomplish though they are working with less then great facilities.


    Very caring staff


    Not a great location or facilites

  • 3. great shelter

    by: tennessee

    The Humane Society of Cumberland County needs help. The shelter was an old maintenance building that is being used for a shelter, and is always at full capacity. The staff and manager are great even though the conditions are not, they care for them as if they were their own. They keep the shelter clean and try to keep them safe, they are able to help you in any way and if they do not have an answer they find it! I hope the community and County will step up and help out with some of the responsibility that is desperately needed.


    caring staff, compassionate manager,


    not enough community support, needs a new shelter, low-cost spay and neuter

  • 4. Dog Behaviorist

    by: PackLeader1

    I went to the Cumberland Humane Society in Crossville,Tn. to find a new pet therapy dog to work in our local nursing home. The staff showed me several dogs that fit the description for what I was looking for. The last dog that I was shown is the one that I liked the best, and they informed me that he had been there for 3 months. He looked exactly like a dog that I had adopted in 1983 from another adoption agency.We had her for 15 years, so it was like seeing an old friend again.The staff bathed him before I left the shelter with him that day.I named him Boone and I have owned him for almost 2 years now and I can't imagine life without him now. He has been a great source of enjoyed for the elderly who miss their own 4 legged friends. When he is not keeping company with the elderly I use him in my business to help people that own dogs that have behavioral issues. I named my business Perfect Paws-Dog Behaviorist.\nTo me Boone is my perfect paws. \n\n Marina


    Customer Service