Humane society of cowlitz county

P.o. box 172
Longview, WA 98632
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  • 1. great for dogs and cats, bad for horses

    by: certifiedgirl

    I've adopted a dog from Cowlitz Co. Humane Society and was very pleased (she is awesome and we've had her 8 years) but I have had a very bad experience with them when trying to get something done about my neighbors starving their horses. I called repeatedly over a 2 year period and they did nothing. At one point I heard they had over a hundred complaints- some from out of the state even- about these people and yet they still would do nothing to help the horses. You could see ever rib and much of the backbones and pelvis of this 15 year old horse and yet they claimed the horse was "just old". Nonsense, I've been involved in horses for 30 years and know the difference from being old and being grossly malnourished. The horses were lucky when they got some hay once a day, sometimes it was a week. They had no shelter, stood in feet of muck, and had horrible rainrot. This went on for several years. This shelter doesn't care about "livestock" apparently and I've lost all respect for them.


    great place to get a dog


    do not protect horses