Humane society of central washington

2405 w. birchfield road
Yakima, WA 98901
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Very caring

    by: MileysMom

    They really seem to care about the animals there. I have been there to walk dogs several times and the people who work there are always happy to see me. I was there for the shot/microchip event that was held last October and was impressed by how smoothly it ran, even if it was a little bit of a wait in line.


    Great employees


    Not enough space

  • 2. Love to volunteer here

    by: warrior09

    I have been volunteering here for a couple of months and I have to say that this is a wonderful Humane Society. I love going in and playing with the animals. I know it makes them happy to see a smiling face and get rubbed on the head.





  • 3. Helpful, but requires a donation to drop off lost animals

    by: funkiemunkee

    I do not have a lot of knowledge about this facility. What I do know pertains to my experience with finding a stray dog in the middle of a busy street and taking him there. I took the first avenue freeway offramp and came across a stray dog. The poor thing had been on the streets or neglected for some time, as it was head to toe mats and dirt. It was a very friendly dog and as I live thirty miles away, my first concern was to get it off of the busy four lane street and hopefully back to its home. I used a phone book at a local business to locate the nearest shelter. I was a bit annoyed because there were no night drop cages and the shelter was not yet open. So the poor dog (who was very stinky and muddy!) accompanied my on a couple hours worth of errands until they opened. In the meantime I found a length of rope to make a temporary leash from a second local business. I drove across Yakima for a second time to the shelter. When I returned, the person at the front desk was very nice, but I was informed that a donation was required to leave the dog. I did not have a problem with giving them money for the good work they do, but I do get a little irritated when shelters do anything that may deter people from taking the dogs to a place where they may find a new home, instead of just leaving them on the street where they could be hurt. The whole thing was pretty inconvenient considering I was basically going out of my way to save their animal control officers from having to drive out and catch the dog themselves. However, in the bigger picture, I am very glad that they were there as a resource so the poor dog did have someplace to go and hopefully had a chance at being reunited with its owners or finding a new home.


    Great resource to find a new pet


    Requires a donation to drop of strays

  • 4. Friendly and knowledgeable staff!

    by: Blondhorsecrazy72

    My visits to this shelter has always been positive. The staff seems to know their "stuff". They are always on the look out for a great family to adopt their wonderful animals! come see for yourself!!


    very friendly, knew about their animals


    needs to be a little cleaner