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  • 1. Shelter Finds Forever Homes

    by: deegee87

    We Rescued Lady Kazzeopia from HSCO, but not after a terrifing week, after we adopted Kazzeopia, she was stolen from the shelter egads, we thought here we were looking forward to bringing her to forever home (she was disposed of when her daddy died and her mom did not want her and her brother, so anyway some one came to look at Kaz and they supposedly took her for a walk outside the shelter (ie the too trusting part) she proceeded to put her in her car and Drive away, this is the Good part they had Micro chipped her..So they made a plea on TV our local station then it was picked up by our local papers, then statewide and the plea was since they are not a common Breed- Old English Sheepdogs, they asked that anyone seeing a new one in there neighborhood please call and low and behold it worked and Bends finest went with Chip reader to the womans house and asked about her dog and she said was hers, the officers asked then if they could scan her and low and behold again, it was Kazzeopia, the Lost was found. Kazzeopia was on Television as a statement for the use of Micro Chipping can save a Pets Life!! We got to meet Kazzeopia at the Television station to then take her home at last, After her Instant celebrity, we new we had a lot of loving to do,, Troy Kerstter , and Linea Ouchida were marvelous in helping with finding and locating Kaz, they continue to this day (Troy with Maddie his three legged dog in Frisbee competions and Lin with her vigilant education going to as many as one person can outreach education booths at Art fairs the Fair, Dog walk etc. they are an amazing Group of people,Troy when New Orleans was hurt in Katrina went with a couple of people from our Shelter and helped care for and Rescue animals,also a vigilant ambasdor for animals,he did a spot on the local channel for years once a week to educate people on the shelter and animals to be adopted, they work with local Pet Supply stores to do satellite adoptions, throughout the year, they really need an attached exercise are for there shelter so the animals can be safer...They are the cleanest shelter we have seen, and since Donna and I are both Retired Humane Society (not from this one though) employees we know a thing or two about them. We moved Back to Central Oregon 12 years ago to Retire, we have been doing Old English Sheepdog Rescue for 25 Years, what can we say we love being owned by an OES..Paws up to the Humane Society of Central Oregon, Also Blue Pandas Rumpole Bear was a Rescue , via the Humane Society he never made it to the door because his owner called and beacuse we were know they referred her to us, so on a Rainbo filled day we went to see him and of course we took him to his last forever home you see Rumpole was 11 he turned 12 Yesterday and he got a special Carrot all by himself for the Celebration, so we are his Hospice Home it required almost $1,800 in Surgeries to get the tumors that were in his arm pits out so he could walk, there was wire inbeded in his neck, and he was so matted the poor thing had to be shaved and what is saddens the most is he is a Registered Old English and Has many Titles Ribbons ect.. then just because of life I guess became a second class forgotten animal left in a field with Dog food he was needless to say way over weight his heart was enlarged he could hardly breath, so we really thought we were going to be his Hospice Home for sure,now we call ourselves his Transition Home. We found ut his sire lived till he was 16 so..Rumpole with deligent care has lost the thirty pounds and runs like a puppy, he follows me everywhere (yes I mean everywhere no room or thing is private bathroom included)..So we are grateful for the Shelter for Referring us, oh Did I mention Rumpole on the day we went to see him (it was my birthday and there was a raainbow over the yard WOW) anyway he came up to me sat in fron and looked up with his big Blue eyes and then ut his paws on my knees like he was saying his prayers, so didless to say I was sunk at that Love at first site!!! So the Shelter Rock!!!!Thank You HSCO for bringing Love and Care also they inspire Kids Did I mention the FREE site visit it has and will help shelters get free food, all started by a 11 year old Volunteer at the Humane Society of Central Oregon, Check it out!!!


    Very Kind and wonderful staff


    Too trusting, see below

  • 2. Helping central Oregon and beyond

    by: kcovey26

    HSCO is doing a wonderful job helping the animals in Bend and across the state. They routinely take in animals from Portland area shelters to find them a home litterally in the country.\r\n\r\nHSCO has load of volunteer opportunities, unique events, and tremendous community support.\r\n\r\nThey helped with Hurricane Katrina - sending staff to the affected area.\r\n\r\nHSCO even has a thrift store to help people recycle their treasures into cash for the animals.


    Built wonderful collaberations across the state