Humane society of burnett county

7347 midtown road
Siren, WI 54872
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User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Small with a big heart

    by: ramemareh

    It has been an honor to occasionally assist on the weekend clean-up. The staff welcomes volunteers with open arms and my daughters enjoy going along on dog walks. It is wonderful to see so many people of the community, who hold such an interest in our 4 legged friends, come in to lend love and comfort to the pets until they find loving homes. The staff is very friendly and helpful with the prospective adopters and treat the animals with utmost care. I understand they are currently trying to raise money for housing the cats they keep getting in, but they need help raising money for this. There are many people who show up to walk dogs, pet the pets, etc. which is appreciated. Please help your local Humane Society with volunteered time, food and supply donations, or gifts of money today. In doing so, you too can be helping to save one life at a time.


    Clean, helpful staff,appreciates volunteers


    Small, no kitty facilities

  • 2. Gotta Love 'Em

    by: Kendrapetrashek

    It was about three years ago that I adopted Sir Tobias from the shelter and it was at that same time that I started to volunteer. I love the people (all of them are so kind) and each dog is so special. This Shelter is clean, the staff is friendly and helpful and the medical work they do tops most other shelters around.


    Wow, they do a great job running on only donations!


    Donate- they need more room!

  • 3. A Wonderful Shelter

    by: krisrinnman

    I started to volunteer at this shelter this past summer. I found everyone to be so helpful and friendly. The animals are treated so well. The office and kennel along with the dog runs and play yard are kept so clean and neat. We have a half mile trail through the woods to walk the dogs and many volunteers love to do this as much as the dogs love to be taken for walks. I am so glad I started to help out at this shelter, I think I get back more than I ever put in.


    Neat, clean, friendly, caring


    wish it could be open longer hours


    by: Lionkeeper

    Everyone was very helpful with my adoption of Lion. He is an awesome dog. I can't imagine life without him. The staff was very helpful in matching me with the dog and getting his adoption finalized. They are very DEDICATED to the care of these shelter animals. Donate or adopt from them today they are AWESOME.


    Staff are very friendly, helpful, caring, knowledgable, animals are cared for well. They are very dedicated to helping animals.


    Shelter needs to be updated...DONATE TODAY...These people care.

  • 5. :-)

    by: emmalanae

    They were soo helpful and friendly! I tell everyone about them! They really care about their animals!!


    Awesome! Friendly



  • 6. Passionate, Friendly, Caring Facility

    by: LucasAvery

    This humane society works so hard to accommodate the needs of the animals as well as the owners. The small amounts of volunteers dedicate their lives to the animals to make sure that their stay is pleasant until they find their homes. The facility is nice and clean with no harsh odors. It welcomes walkers to walk a shelter dog on their half a mile trail through the woods and to spend time with the animals. The humane society is very therapeutic for those who have lost a companion, are lonely, have a disability, or just need a puppy fix.


    Small clean facility so dogs are well known and taken care of.


    No segregated room to play with animals.