Humane society of amherst county

P.o. box 614
Amherst, VA 24521
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User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Wonderful

    by: spywife

    The people at this facility are the most caring and loving animal rescuers I have ever encountered. They genuinely invest their hearts in the wellbeing of these animals. When I found my beautiful and loving Sean who has added even more love to our home than we could have imagined, Sonna accually had tears in her eyes as I left. Tears of joy that he was going to a better home that he came from. Before I even went to the shelter, they called my vet and asked them detailed questions about my husband's and my parenting skills and our habits regarding our pets health care. They are wonderful people who are earning their stars for their crowns in heaven here on earth.


    Caring,knowlegeable and personable staff


    Small facility, but in process of building new one

  • 2. Excellent help if you need to place your pet

    by: BitBucketBob

    I guess the small rundown shelter is true in most of the shelters in our area, but this one is on its way to being replaced, thank goodness. The folks who work and volunteer here are learning how remarkable dog-saving programs of rescue transports, pre-adoption screenings, and foster families can be. They have a ways to go, but are on the right track.


    Go out of their way to help pets


    Small, rundown shelter

  • 3. They have worked cooperatively with our shelter

    by: srj

    This group does a good job for the community. Their shelter is in an out-of-the-way location, which doesn't help them, but you have to work with what is there. They were very helpful in transferring a mama cat to us once we found out that someone had surrendered the kittens to us & the mother to Amherst. We were able to reunite the family; all 3 were eventually adopted.


    They provide a necessary service to the community


    I wish their adoption rate could be higher

  • 4. Changing the outcome in Amherst County

    by: BShack

    Working with the volunteers at this shelter has been a real pleasure! They have a positive outlook on saving dogs and cats through a rescue transport program and have really made progress reducing the numbers of animals euthanized in just one year. \r\n\r\nTheir innovative transport program has evolved to now include animals from nine surrounding localities! Sadly, most of the funding for these transports comes out of the pockets of just a few. If this was a well-known fact, perhaps a benefactor would step up and help fund a larger transport vehicle, gas costs, and even pay someone to meet the vet on those days before transport!


    Hard working staff


    Facility is old

  • 5. Dixie Doodle

    by: TRS

    Our Dixie Doodle came from the Amherst Shelter and she is a blessing to our lives. Everyone there is very nice and willing to help however they can. There is a special volunteer there that transports dogs to other areas that are able to adopt them out. She uses her own time and money to save these dogs with a weekly trip of transport. \r\nThey are currently in the works for a new and bigger facility that will increase their adoption rate.\r\nTina


    Willing to use all kinds of programs to save an animals life.


    Still using euthanasia because there is not enought room to hold all that comes in.