Humane society of allen county

3606 elida road
Lima, OH 45807
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Nice, friendly shelter

    by: maryanlibrarian

    This is a really nice shelter. We walked in to just look at the dogs. There were a lot of older dogs, and many of the dogs were super hyper. They would jump from up the side of the cage and hit the top of the 7-foot cages - this behavior does not make them appealing to most families. However, about half of the dog cages were not being used when we went (right after Thanksgiving) and everything was clean. The cage areas did not stink like in other shelters I've been to, but there were only two large rooms with dogs, so it was very noisy in each. In the 3rd to last cage I saw a puppy and just couldn't leave her cage - we ended up adopting her that day! The fees are very reasonable and the people were very nice. The papers on the cages weren't up-to-date, though - hers said she was 12 lbs and was actually 20 lbs when we took her to the vet the next day. I would think these would be updated at least weekly. I recommend this place if you have time to look, but I wouldn't take a small child into the dog rooms as they are so noisy. Go first, look yourself, and then take your child back to visit with the one or two animals you enjoy!


    location, visiting rooms


    too large of rooms - lots of noise

  • 2. A great place that has no more room.

    by: stepshep

    The Humane Society of Allen County is a great facility where I myself have adopted two dogs from and my grandmother has adopted a cat from. The staff is very nice and always helpful. The downside is that the society is filling up with animals faster than they are adopted and the animals are beginning to get crowded. They have resorted to taking visitng rooms and making them 'cat colonies'. A great shelter that could use some more room.


    A nice facility with a great staff.


    Too many pets over fill the facility.