Humane association of central new york

4915 1/2 w. taft road
Liverpool, NY 13088
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User Reviews (7)

  • 1. great place

    by: supportallshelters

    Great place nicest cleanest shelter iv ever been to. Great animals and staff. i have adopted 2 cats and 2 dogs from them nothing but great things to say:)


    staff loves the animals very much



  • 2. bad

    by: juliaaa03xoxo

    nice job cleaning the mess on the floor!! it stinks so bad there!


    horrible messy as can be



  • 3. great

    by: 12nmetz

    this is an amazing animal shelter and i go there all the time and bring treats, toys and food for all the animals and i love to go in the cat room and play with the cats it takes my mom forever to get me out of there


    very clean


    lots of animals

  • 4. Good experience

    by: x2cbake

    I adopted a puppy here a few years ago and it was a wonderful experience. It was a clean facility, the staff genuinely cares about all animals, and I thought the fees were reasonable. They do have a mandatory waiting period for new animals who come to the shelter, meaning that they have to hold on to the newbies for, I think, two weeks to make sure that no one is going to come in and claim them. I don't think this is necessarily a con though, because if it is a lost animal the rightful owner should have a little time where they can come and claim them. It just isn't ideal for someone who wants to get a little guy (or girl) out of those cages and into a home!


    Clean facility, caring staff, decent fees


    Waiting periods for new animals

  • 5. Excellent facility

    by: JNJCreatore

    We have gotten several cats from here over the past 15 years. The staff is extremely caring, and the facility is well kept, and very clean. They really do love their animals.


    Caring staff, excellent animal treatment, clean



  • 6. Not a "family-friendly" place to adopt

    by: ztT4MP33148079

    I went with my 2 children, ages 10 and 7 to see the cats. I am aware that it is very impoertant prior to adopting an animal to interact with them, and see how and who stands out of the feline crowd.\r\nThis is how we got our other cat, and it was a match made in heaven. One cat in particular would not leave my son alone and in the end, was chosen by my son and lives a wonderful life as one of our family members.\r\nWhen I recently went with my two children, my one child, age 7, could not even go into the cat room. I told the cranky woman behind the desk, that I would even sign a waver, stating I take full responsibility. She purtly just said "no".\r\nHow is my family supposed to make choosing a cat a family decision, when the youngest member is completely left out in the hallway?\r\nAS far as the dogs...they did not want ANYONE in the cage area at all. The cranky woman wanted us to look through a book, which gave you no indication of which ones stood out among the other dogs.\r\nDo these people want people to adopt their pets, or just leave them in small cages with no chance of the life they all deserve?\r\nMy only hope is that more people speak out and that the gray haired lady behind the desk was just having a very bad day and any other day, has the best intentions of her animals in mind!!!!\r\nA slight policy change might unload more animals here, and make it easier for an entire family to decide who their newest members should be..not only those 10 and older!!!!


    Great amount of cats


    Older woman working desk area

  • 7. Dedicated Staff

    by: tabbycat

    I adopted both my cats from this shelter who are two of the sweetest rascals. Some people balk at the adoption fee, however it covers all the appropriate shots and spaying or neutering. All the cats we saw looked healthy and well taken of. The shelter is clean and attractive.


    No Kill