Human ohio spay/neuter clinic

5333 secor rd, unit 3
Toledo, OH 43613

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  • 1. Humane Ohio- Low Cost Spay/Neuter

    by: FonziesMamma

    This is an excellent clinic!!! They specialize in spaying and neutering pets and therefore are able to offer low prices and efficient service. Certified vets perform each surgery and check each pet before being released the next day to their owners. I really like that they keep the pets overnight to ensure that recovery goes well and no complications arise, in the past I have had all of my pets fixed at my vets office and they are sent home only hours after their surgery. The staff was very friendly and made my little guy feel as comfortable as possible. Surgeries are performed Monday-Friday (only males are done on Friday and pick-up is done the same day at 3pm). Drop-off is at 8:30am the morning of surgery and pick-up is 7:30am the following day. Prices were excellent, the lowest I've seen. The cost for dogs (male or female) range between $55 and $65 and for cats (male or female) between $25 and $45. Dicounted prices are also offered for customers on Medicaid, WIC, SSI, AFDC, TANF, and section 8 public housing. The clinic also offers additional services and vaccines (only at the time of surgery) at low cost such as vaccinations, rabies shots, flea treatments, dewormer, and nail trim. I would highly recommend this clinic!!! More information can be found at their website,


    Friendly staff, very cheap, keep pets overnight to monitor recovery, drop-off and pick-up very organized.. quick and efficient, other small services offered with spay/neuter


    Don't call after surgery to let owner know everything went well.