Howl A Days

925 Enoch Lane
Manhattan, Ks 66502

User Reviews (9)

  • 1. Fendi, homeless but not helpless

    by: ztT4MP74742208

    Kelly was very informative and kept very good care of Fendi while being homeless. She really knows what it takes! Dawg gone sorry I had to leave but am doing great in my new home. \r\n\r\nLove Franny, previously knows as Fendi\r\n\r\n


    Busy or kick back you can be what you are.


    Needing better signage for us lost, but not at heart.

  • 2. Howl-A-Day

    by: Lacee53

    There is many doggie day care, but this one is the best one for me. The dog have fun going there. It is indoors. IT IS GREAT!!


    Great PLACE



  • 3. fantastic

    by: bmcewen

    I had this company take care of my dogs while I was visiting a friend in the area. They were courteous, attentive, and took really great care of my two ridgebacks.





  • 4. day care for dogs

    by: cpaukert

    this is a great place to take your dogs when you don't have time to exercise them. Your dog can romp with a whole pack of dogs and has oodles of toys to play with.


    great staff


    could use an outside area

  • 5. Great place!

    by: dogranch

    Kelly and her staff at Howl-a-days provide great care and lots of entertainment for the dogs who stay there. It is a day care and kennel.


    large open area for dogs to run and play


    totally inside

  • 6. Great place for your dog.

    by: gojo431

    Kelly willingly shared information and showed her facility to my wife and I. She allowed me to take pictures and is really friendly. Her and her helpers run a great day-care for dogs. I highly recommend HowL A Days - great name don't you think?


    Is wonderful with your pet and understands dogs.


    Don't know any cons.

  • 7. dog runs to the door

    by: nooker

    When I bring dogs to the facility, they run to the door. They can't wait to get behind the counter to greet all their friends. Kelly is VERY knowledgeable and knows a lot about animal behavior. The facilities are always clean, and the staff is always prompt to help you.


    great place for a dog to spend a day or a week



  • 8. Wouldn't leave my dog anywhere else

    by: jcooper

    This is the only place I would ever consider boarding my dog(s) if I have to go out of town or have a really long day at work/school. Kelly (the owner) is an amazing person, and she cares so much for the dogs. The set up is amazing, and the customer service is truly remarkable. I can't rave enough about this place.


    great staff, dogs love it, location


    not aware of any

  • 9. Howl A Days Daycare is great!

    by: jappino

    Howl A Days is a great day care and boarding facility. The dogs are so HAPPY there and Kelly has complete control of them as their 'pack leader'. Don't know how she does it but the dogs all play together (15 or more at a time) and they all get along. In fact, I've heard of a lot of doggie owners who say their dogs look forward to day care there.\r\n\r\nAnother plus is that Kelly Neel, the owner, has offered to foster a dog for the Pottawatomie County Humane Society. So any given day she usually has one of our 'pound dogs' who gets a chance to have fun and nice warm place to sleep at night. Thank you Kelly for all you do!


    great staff, clean, dogs are very happy


    cannot think of a con