Horseshoe bend animal control center

704 commerce
Horseshoe bend, AR 72512
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User Reviews (5)

  • 1. thanks

    by: ladyheck

    These people are doing the best they can,like all of us they sure could use help.Thanks Guys.


    works hard



  • 2. This shelter/animal control does all they can for animals in their area

    by: rememberingromeo

    I've only been here once, but I'll never forget the experience. I've done a lot of things in my life, but I don't think I could do what animal control officers and shelter staff have to do sometimes, and that is euthanize, even when it absolutely has to be done. (Perhaps I would learn if I had to do so, as I did kill one squirrel once to keep it from suffering. But I know it would just tear me apart inside and wear me down more than I could stand on a daily basis.) My hat is off to the people who serve in this shelter, and I fully support them in their efforts to stand in for animals in a world that so grievously neglects and discards all forms of animal life without much consideration. I hope and pray for the furtherance of your efforts, I am thankful for the good deeds that are your life, and I am hopeful because I know goodness will follow as a consequence of goodness.


    great servant in the animal control officer I met there, clean facility, caring, dedicated


    small facility

  • 3. Small Shelter Needs Help

    by: CarolaMc

    This is a struggling shelter that doesn't have enough support, but it is doing its best. More education is needed in the area to alert people to this shelter's needs.


    Does the best it can


    Needs additional space

  • 4. Their heart is in the right place!!

    by: BandittVonStewart

    It is real sad more people do not get involved with animal shelters. They want a place to put animals, but know one wants to pitch in and help!! Good luck with your efforts!


    work hard, willing to do the job


    not enough community support!

  • 5. Needs more Kennels BAdly

    by: mybabies72529

    Needs help, the people that live near by should try to help out so they can better the place.


    Nice looking place


    Needs more kennels and just needs help