Hope Veterinary Care

62 Hope Avenue
Hope, RI 02831

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Think twice

    by: Mzrz

    I had been going to this clinic for a very long time with all my animals - I truly believed that they were good at what they did... My dog died of an old lady liver- I gave her 1/2 a deramx per day on the advice of the Vet... I should have asked that her blood levels be checked more that at regular checkups. She was only 12 years old - and 45 pounds of love. She had the BEST of care from me... I truly believe that I lost her too early...She did have a mild form of arthritis- I have a dog who is about 14 and weighs much more -like 80# named Chance - I was told , by another VET that he did not need the DERAMAX that was perscribed because his problem was related to the spinal cord.. Now Chance gets electro acupuncture at a holistic VET. He is also on natural supplements.My girlfriend Roxy will be there for me at the Rainbow Bridge, along with all of my loving pets someday! I only wished that I had asked more questions about the Deramax..\r\nMy advice - Think three times - ask as many questions as you can think of - no matter how silly they seem!! You can give your animals the best of care without paying an extravagant amount of money for overhead!


    all of the above


    seems to be very high priced

  • 2. Hope Vet Care

    by: Sonja1088

    I have been taking all my cats to Hope Vet Care for about 18 years now. We would never take our cats anywhere else. They are very knowledgeable and have always fixed our cats whatever the problem. I would definitely recommend this practice to all pet owners in the area.


    Amazing staff, always very helpful


    Alot of patients, sometimes they can run a bit behind.