Hope Animal Medical Center

1150 Mitchell Bridge Road
Athens, GA 30606

User Reviews (7)

  • 1. Great place

    by: gall44

    I've been going to Hope for about 2 years and overall am pleased. Friendly and knowledgable staff.


    nice atmosphere


    a little pricey


    by: mas12286

    HOPE really makes me feel better about bringing my dogs to the vet. I have been to some others that made me feel horrible. The prices are the best in town and they are very good about only charging you for things you need or they find the cheapest route. One of my dogs actually rolled over for belly rubs when the vet came in which is only a special thing he does in the bed in the morning! It made me very happy!


    Helpful and soooo good with my babies


    busy because they are so good

  • 3. Good freindly people

    by: mollyaz

    I like Hope Animal Center. I have taken a number of dogs and cats there and the people are always very patients and helpful.


    Freindly caring people


    maybe the price

  • 4. Great Athens Clinic

    by: amylynn7

    I've been a client at Hope AMC for the last four years. They are extremely client friendly and help plan your pets healthcare with you.\nDr. Dodd was willing to try new procedures and technology to help give my cat better quality of life in the end phase of renal failure, and they have been nothing but helpful with the rest of my pets.


    All staff are personable, willing to work with clients, care is excellent


    Can be difficult to get to at certain times of the day

  • 5. Great Vet!

    by: KateBridges84

    We are relatively new to Hope Animal, but so far we are very impressed. They are so nice and good with Bauer and have helped us on short notice when we needed it. We can always get an appointment when we need one and they are open later than most vets.


    Very friendly, timely, and helpful.


    Usually busy.

  • 6. Great vet

    by: mandarandaroo

    Great vet, all our dogs go there. Staff is very helpful and friendly.


    friendly knowledgable staff and vets


    wait time

  • 7. Great clinic!

    by: jthomas9

    My dogs love going to the vet. The doctors and staff at Hope are always nice and considerate. The clinic is able to do in-house blood work, so you don't have to wait on a diagnosis. They also have digital radiographs so they can show you the xrays in the exam rooms and you can actually see what they are talking about. They have a groomer who is wonderful with my kids - - they are not afraid of her like they were of their previous groomer! I also board my dogs there when I am out of town - - and they have a big yard for the dogs to run around during the day. Of all the veterinarians I've used, Hope is by far the best!


    Doctors are knowledgeable and nice to pets


    Can be busy, sometimes have to wait at appt.