Holden Veterinary Clinic

Industrial Dr Bldg 11
Holden, MA 01520

User Reviews (6)

  • 1. The Best Facility for our pets!

    by: jamec4

    We had taken our loving dog Timber to this clinic for his entire 13 years. He even ran away from home once, and they found him right outside of their door!! The staff knew exactly who he was and called us right away. We couldn't believe it! (Timber has passed away, but we still go to the Holden Veterinary Clinic with our cat, Charlie. We heard that Dr. Rice was retiring, and all of the animals will miss him, but Dr. Friend is also very kind and loving, and we will continue to make our appointments there.


    Great staff who are caring and compasionate


    I wish they had more room for their facility

  • 2. Best Vet Ever!

    by: traceypc

    Dr. Rice has been our family vet since I was a child. His knowledge is unbelievable and his gentle nature is unsurpassed. He is also a very kind person to his human clients. I can not recommend him enough...


    Dr. Rice has MANY years of experience


    None I can think of...

  • 3. The Best vet around

    by: DosGeez

    I started to bring my dog to a different vet clinic when I frist brought her home (it was recommended by a friend). However, Holden Vet clinic was closer to home so I transfered. I couldn't be happier. They call with reminders on needed shots, and scheduled appointments. Dr. Friend even called to check up on my dog after she started a new antibiotic! Don't let the older facility fool you, they are the best clinic around.


    Open late hours


    Older facility

  • 4. Great local vet

    by: lisaclayton

    I like Dr. Rice and was sort of sad he was retiring- but I know he wants time to spend riding his horse : )\n\nDr. Friend is great. She even calls back to check up if your dog was sick to make sure all is well. They get you in if you have a problem even if they are crazy busy


    clean and helpful


    none so fat

  • 5. Caring and Compassionate

    by: LouiseH

    Dr. Rice has been our family vet ever since he set up his practice in Holden (30 years ago??) He is the picture-perfect hometown vet and I trust him completely. As he approached retirment, I was certain no one could fill his shoes. However, he found the perfect replacement in Dr. Friend. She is extremely qualified, caring and compassionate.


    Knowledgeable and professional


    Not aware of any

  • 6. Dr. Friend is the perfect name

    by: JBader

    Since moving to Holden, I have brought my pup here and lovei t. Dr. Friend is so efficient, and covered whatever she possibly could to find out the cause of the poor puppy's incessant itching. She also made follow up clals to ensure things were goign okay. I have since transferred our cats here and the ocnvenience of haivng the after 5 appointments is great, since both my husband and i work 9-5. The staff are so friendly and courteous.


    caring, friendly, after 5 availability