Hoffers tropic life pets

7323 n 76th st.
Milwaukee, WI
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Not recommended...

    by: Mars007

    This is a nice place to go spend an hour looking at all the varieties of fish, but not to buy anything. The prices are mostly all inflated and it would actually be more cost effective to order online even with shipping charges. There are also "feeder" rodents sold here.


    large store


    inflated prices, live animals, dusty

  • 2. This place COULD be so great.

    by: SarahBequest

    This store could be the best store around but its not. This store is fun to go and see but forget about purchasing anything. The prices are so high off the mark!!! The staff are fairly knowledgeable as long as you stay away from the kids.


    Unbeleivable store


    Ubelievably horrible prices!!!