Hoboken grooming salon

640 washington st.
Hoboken, NJ
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. great place

    by: adelaidesmom

    Robin and Deidre take such loving care of the animals who come to get cleaned up, it is amazing. They also donate their services to help animals look better for adoption days and work with rescue, go CAP. They're wonderful in too many ways to describe.


    nice people, great service



  • 2. Love this place

    by: mex1chris

    My dog loves to go here. Ad is not a dog that likes water but she loves to get cleaned by Robin & Diedre


    Robin & Diedre


    Haven't found one yet

  • 3. Great!

    by: Cornerstone

    Robin and Deidra are great groomers and more than that, they love animals and tirelessly participate in animal rescue. Both of my dogs, Baxter and Basil were rescued by their affiliate Companion Animal Placement, a group founded in Hoboken.


    Animal lovers and great groomers


    Can't work 49 hours a day