Hiway 620 animal hospital

12129 ranch road 620 n # 330
Austin, TX 78729

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  • 1. High Quality Surgical care

    by: cayrisu

    Pain management is a number one priority at Hiway 620. Because animals cannot communicate like humans and tell us they are in pain, sometimes animals could be in pain and we may not even know it. The staff at Hiway 620 is trained in assessing their patients continuously for signs of pain as subtle as these signs can be. Animals receive top notch care including pre-op pain medicine, intra-op pain medicine, post-op pain medicine (if needed) and take home pain medicine after the procedure is completed. The staff at Hiway 620 believe in preventing and treating pain for as long as the pain lasts. They believe in acting as a Patient Adovocate for their client's pets. I truly believe they do an exemplary job of managing pain during surgical procedures as well as afterwards. This is important as a positive experience for the pet, aids in the healing process and translates into a positive experience for the pet owner as well.


    Pain management is excellent, surgery team well-trained and very knowledgeable


    May be able to find the same surgery cheaper somewhere else, but to me the quality of care at Hiway 620 is worth the difference in dollars