Hilton Animal Hospital

120 Merrick Road
Lynbrook, NY 11563

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Do not go here if you care about your pets

    by: chrissyf7

    We first visited Hilton Animal Hospital two years ago when we first got our dog. There was a problem with the fecal test and we kept receiving letters in the mail saying she was not up to date on the test. But the vet kept reassuring us that everything was fine. Last year during our routine visit they did not suggest a fecal test. They did not suggest it this year either but she needed a good fecal to enroll in a class so we had it done. It turns out she has giardia. For the past two years our dog has had regular diarrhea and Hilton Animal Hospital said nothing was wrong with her. It turns out that the two years of diarrhea was from the giardia that they did not catch the first time. On top of it all when she was rechecked after the giardia treatment it was found that she has another parasite. The vet is trying to tell us that despite two years of taking her to the dog park and taking her on hikes, she acquired this parasite in the week that she was on medication, the week we were watching her every second she was outside, and wiping her paws before she reentered the house. Now they are charging us for another fecal test just because someone messed up and didn't catch it the first time. And despite everything that happened Dr. Strom had the nerve to call me and yell at me over the phone because I questioned him. After the horrible treatment by the staff at Hilton Animal Hospital I will never go there again and I would not recommend this vet to anyone who cares about the welfare of their pets.


    seemed nice at first


    2 years of diarrhea and a bad attitude from the staff

  • 2. My pets love going to the Vet

    by: cassanc

    My pets don't mind going to the vet. They are loved there and in fact my dog runs in to get "love" from the staff. The Vets are all very knowledgeable and listen very well to understand what the problem may be.


    Everyone is very helpful


    Very busy