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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. from the animals

    by: theanimals

    I adopted a dog that was child friendly, after one week, he pinned my daughter to the floor. Then I was told that we don't know why he did that. He came in as a stray and I was told he was owner surrender, when I adopted him. I figured I would give it another try and took home a dog that was visibly good with children, a small dog. He is a great dog, I was told he had mange and after $500 in vet bills, I found out he had allergies, they were treating him for the wrong thing. I called over at Hillside and staff told me they had a Vet work with them, but this dog in particular had not been to the vet, the whole time. He was there for four months! I know they euthanize animals for a fact, the workers had stated, that yesterday evening they put two dogs down and many more cats. Apparently, they euthanize cats over seven, because of space. It is very sad. I spent several days at the facility, looking for a better dog, because they were willing to trade for a better dog. I seen a few things that were quite disturbing. I do hope that, if and when they do shut their doors, they find homes for their pets. Ruth Stienert, now a no-kill shelter, adopts dogs really cheap depending on age of person and dog. Their fees are more affordable. Hillside needs to run an adoption sale every once in awhile. But they would rather threaten the dogs lives' and people who care about animals with killing them.


    many great animals to choose


    they don't know as much as they say they know

  • 2. small shelter,

    by: SnushKid

    hillside is a good shelter. its not horrible, there is much worse out there, definitely. However, they are generally a shelter that is far too over crowded and i've had several friends/acquaintances complain to me about their animals, cats esp., being sick. Cramped quarters do make for sick cats and its a very, very hard thing to avoid. However, i've had just as many people tell me horror stories about surrendering owner give ups, or strays, here and calling only to find out the animal has been euthanize. For putting a lot of press out for being no-kill, this was a big shocker for me and sort of changed my mind set on the facility. The staff is generally nice, big hearted, and knowledgeable, but do have their snippy moments as well. (we all understand when you're having "one of those days", however i don't know how much the general public does.) overall, i guess there are worse shelters out there, but i wouldn't put my money into a shelter or society dedicated to deceiving the public into believing they are no kill when, clearly, they are not.


    variety of animals, always try to place them in good homes


    aren't a no-kill, though claim to be.

  • 3. Good shelter

    by: valliesong

    I have been in contact with staff via the internet, and they are very dedicated, caring people. I also adopted two guinea pigs from the shelter and had a good experience.


    Dedicated staff


    They could really use more donations!

  • 4. Very friendly/helpful staff

    by: mra925mra

    We visited Hillside and found the staff to be very friendly, knowledgeable, helpful. We truly enjoyed our visit thanks to the staff. They allowed us to have our dogs meet their potential BFF. Unfortunately, they do not have a meet and greet area in the shelter, so we took our dogs for a walk in the misty fall rain. Staff was very patient with us while we walked different dogs, in hopes of finding us a match. I did not like the fact that we were unable to walk through the shelter to see all the dogs they had. We were looking for a pit bull, so that is what they brought outside for us so see. The outside pen was kept clean. It is a no kill shelter and they do everything possible to not have to put down an animal. No kill does not mean never kill. They will put down a dog if it is too sick or if shelter life is not benefiting the dog in anyway, it is not looked upon lightly and they seek adopters and rescues to assist. Would visit again in search of another pet when the time comes.


    No kill shelter, friendly/helpful staff


    unable to walk thru shelter to look