Hillsborough county animal services

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Tampa, FL 33619
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User Reviews (7)

  • 1. first cat from here

    by: jimmkol

    wow, a clean and by the book place to adopt from. they care where there animals go and are not all about getting paid. clean and plenty of staff to help out. follow up calls and they checked with our apartment complex to see if we were allowed cats. and that was 9 yrs ago


    clean, strict, follows up, checks residences and apartments.


    too may animals to choose from

  • 2. My Grandpuppy came from this shelter

    by: GramyPamy

    My daughter was lucky enough to find the love of her life at the shelter. We actually went looking for a pup that we saw online, but when we got there they told us that the dogs that matched her description (there were about 7 or 8 Shitzu's) were ALL being held for other people. Most of them already had back up adopters waiting as well. It was frustrating. As we walked the aisles and ailses of dogs, many of which were purebreds, a little black poodle caught her eye. She filled out the paperwork on him but never really expected the call that she received about 10 days later telling her to come for her "meet and greet" It was a wonderful outcome of a frustrating visit.


    They did follow through on the adoption


    Hard to understand their system

  • 3. adopted abused dog

    by: sunnybroad

    several years ago I adopted a sgepard mmix who had been abused (starved nearly to deatyh) her sister did in fact die. They were so very careful to where she was placed, 2 people drove to my home in Pinellas county to be sure I had a home and personality to care for her. They were exceptional in their checking out references and mmore concerned with the dog then the fact I was outside of Hillsboro county. One of the best dogs I have had the pleasure to share my life with


    exceptional concern



  • 4. Great Animals Need Loving Homes

    by: ztT4MP75372721

    HCAS has some awesome adoptable dogs. They have some great Pits also. Pits are wonderful dogs. Its owner ignorance that gives a pit a bad name. And this goes for any dog. I am a volunteer photographer for HCAS and it gives me a sense of fullfillment knowing that a picture will bring in someone and a life will be saved. Changes are made everyday to better the facilities for the animals.


    The new acting director is awesome


    there are areas that need work like customer service

  • 5. Great People Great Animals

    by: PITPositive

    I have been assisting there with PITPositive for months and just adore the people who work their. They work hard to help the animals every day - even though their jobs can be tough, they are always upbeat.\n\nThey have good rules in place for certain adoptions, like Pits, which is great.\n\nThey have a killer cat room and so many great dogs and cats to choose from. Great place.


    High volume -so there's lots to choose from


    They don't stay long, so you must visit often

  • 6. great place to find a pet

    by: Dodie1

    I really like animal services this is a great place to adopt a pet. Before you bring your pet home they are spayed/neutered microchipped and vaccinated all for $75 for dogs and $65 for cats. I am very tired of people complaining that animal services is around only to kill animals when in fact they are not yes they do euthanise but you have got to remember that the public is responsible for all these unwanted litters therefore all these unwanted animals. But if you want a really great pet visit animal services and you will find that special member of your family there.


    great place and great and knowledgable people


    euthansia rate is high

  • 7. The best place to find your new pet!

    by: JeanneMB

    I have been volunteering at this shelter for several months as a web photographer. Years ago, this county "pound" was a sad sight, but today many positive changes have been made to help increase the animals chances for adoption! Great potential pets, loving staff and volunteers and a lot of hard work is making this shelter the place to be for new volunteers ( students too ) and people looking for a new pet. I love volunteering here! Taking pictures of the animals for website publication DOES help get them adopted. We need you too. Help spread the word about THE NEW Hillsborough County Animal Services facility.


    Over 200 dogs and cats available daily. Many are pure-bred


    They have a high euthanasia rate. Get there!