Hillandale Animal Hospital

1900 Powder Mill Rd
Silver Spring, MD 20903

User Reviews (1)

  • 1. A Caring Vet

    by: VRosen

    We really like and trust Dr. Sweeney. Of course he loves animals, he's just sane. We like that he's the kind of vet who will be honest with you, and would never suggest you spend thousands of dollars on your pet needlessly. We love our dog, he's our baby, but he just a pet, and I appreciate Dr. Sweeney for being rational.\r\n\r\nFurthermore, it's always easy to get an appt., he has Saturday hours, and you never wait long to see him.\r\n\r\nDr. Sweeney DOES care about his patients. He has gone above and beyond many times on behalf of my pets and never complained a bit.


    Great Vet, Great Guy: I'd recommend Dr. Sweeney to anyone


    Can't think of a single one