Hill mobile veterinary service pa

5380 nc highway 87 south
Fayetteville, NC 28306
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Great idea, but does not sound like a great place.

    by: jacndac

    From what I have read they do not do a great job. I have heard of a vet who makes house calls for special cases, which would have been great when my dog was too sick to travel.


    Great idea for certain stuff.


    Not great for major issues.

  • 2. mh...

    by: ss0011

    I heard about this before, and I like the idea. Its jus important that the vets know what they are talking about and by reading the reviwes it doesnt seem like they do.


    good idea



  • 3. :(

    by: xxgcnc2006xx

    When my dog was sick we took her here. They misdiagnosed her. Was given the wrong medicine. When we took her to a different vet. She was then hooked up to IVs. We were told if she had gone another 12 hrs with out treatment she would have DIED! \r\n




    Doesnt follow proper protocol