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  • 1. North Country Vet Clinic

    by: catkins

    I have just moved to Fifield and have started bringing my animals to North Country- and since I run an animal rescue I have lots of animals! The staff there is very knowledgeable and very helpful. Dr Ludwig even came out to vet check and vaccinate all of our cats waiting for homes! When I bring in an animal for an appointment there is very little waiting time and Dr Ludwig is completely invested in providing the best care for whichever pet she is seeing. I have been to a lot of vets that have not been enthused about treating strays, which often have infections and ear mites and such, but Dr Ludwig gets all my lost souls fixed up- and she even tries to help me find homes for some of them! The clinic even has a run/walk which generates money for an account that is used to help families pay for surgery for their pet that they otherwise might not be able to afford. North Country Vet Clinic is a tremendous asset to the Park Falls and Phillips Communities!


    Great staff, very reasonable, very helpful to animals in need!


    Going through a transition time.