Hickory Veterinary Hospital

2303 Hickory Road
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
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User Reviews (1)

  • 1. Good vets poor service

    by: Dapriln5

    Over all there are several exellent vets at this pratice. Like I said in the cons they charge you as much as they can. ex. a friend of mine had a cat with cancer and sadly the cat was going to pass on and did pass away, but Hickory wanted to give the cat Kemio even tho it was to far into the cancer stage. This is one of many things at this pratice. Like I said most the vets are good vets just a poor way to run the practice.


    The vets here are smart and most of them know what they are doing.


    The vets make money from what you spend, so they try to prolong your service to charge you more.