Hi tor animal care center inc

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Pomona , NY 10970

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  • 1. Sad Experience.

    by: RonRig

    We had a very sad experience here. On Aug 19th 2012, we went to Hi Tor and met a beautiful, calm, and loving foxhound, Skippy, we fell in love with. We unfortunately came towards the end of closing and could not adopt him that day. I had told the staff that I would call in the morning and would ask them to hold the dog til Tuesday since I was working Monday. I called Monday morning where they agreed and placed their 24 hold policy on Skippy. On my way home from work Monday, I receive a voicemail from Vivian, the director, stating that "SHE knew that Skippy was not for us" because we preferred a dog that didnt bark, that the dog was male (something she mentioned 3 times on the voicemail), that we lived in a condo, and that the dog had a bad tempermant with kids (she said that it would be better with older kids). So Tuesday morning my family and I come in and were shocked and devastated to find out that Skippy was adpoted Monday. Ok so first of all, the 24 hold policy. Why bother having the policy when they basically don't abide by it and do so under their own discretion? And why does Vivian think she knows my family so well when she has never met us? We live in a 2400 sq feet townhouse that has a huge yard in front where all the neighbors dogs play. Skippy has a calm wonderful sweet tempermant that my 10 and 11yr old children and I experienced (the ad for Skippy even mentioned how well she got along with others!). And furthermore, the application was filled out for PREFERENCES! Yes I perfer a female dog that doesnt bark. I also perferred having a baby girl that didnt cry much. And guess what? When my son was born and turned out to be colicky, I still fell in love with him. So, if you will be adopting here, make sure you fill out the application "correctly" and adopt immediately.


    Had a beautiful dog, Skippy


    Shelter did not uphold their 24hr hold policy