Hershey veterinary hospital

1016 cocoa avenue
Hershey, Pa 17033

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    by: annedb

    Kevin has terrible manners (poor personality, swears), is an incompetent vet and is very expensive. After many tests, Kevin diagnosed our cat with an enlarged heart. He told us that our only option was to wait for the cat to die, unless we wanted him to put her down. When we suggested getting a second opinion, he was insulted. The cat had a perfectly healthy heart, but her stomach had become detached. After surgery, she was perfectly fine. Additionally, he diagnosed our dog with several broken bones and recommended putting her down. We took her to UPenn, where the vet was appalled at the suggestion to put her down and diagnosed her with common arthritis. Kevin also put her on a very high dose of prozac, which shocked the vets at UPenn. Some perspective -- an unpleasant 20 minute visit to Kevin is on average $1K. A 4 hr visit to UPenn with excellent vets, many tests and medication was $400. After seeing other comments on the cost of his end of life packages, I question his motives.




    Incorrect diagnoses, expensive, terrible personality

  • 2. not very pleased

    by: tat2dtender

    I had a paws voucher to have my male neutered! His first visit at this hospital was at 7:30 am! heres my boy shaking scared out of his mind, in comes the dr, not hi Buddy how are you, Buddy is barking and growling, this man tells me he doesnt want to get bit not even trying to talk to my dog! He then says he has a yellow lab and his dog isn't this way? I have children and a 3 yr old granddaughter, their safety was never an issue or I wouldn't keep buddy! This man obviously isn't an animal lover! Hes very ignorant and arrogant! I wouldnt recommend this man or hospital to anyone who loves their pets!


    the hours


    Dr. Schengrund

  • 3. Love, love, love Kevin

    by: BarkingMad

    Kevin Schengrund is the best vet ever. Wedge thought he could take on a cat, but the cat bite down on his ear, Wedge pulled back, and his ear split about in half. Kevin stitched it so you barely know anything ever happened. Wedge still gets magazine cover work ;) Kevin has helped me send two others pet through to the other side in a compassionate, caring manner when I was a blubbering mess. He gives it to you straight, but he is funny and uber cool. He can handle 20 lbs. of terror without a blink and Wedge always goes right with him after putting on a good show. The girls there love Wedge and the love is completely mutual, despite his tendency to be very picky about his friends. The place is spotless but the people are warm and wonderful.


    Kevin knows his stuff, Wedge loves those girls, always there


    A bit of a drive for us

  • 4. HVH is absolutely wonderful!!!

    by: gregga

    When we got our first dog, he was having a lot of digestive problems. We took him to other vets closer to our house who couldn't figure out what was wrong with him, and finally just told us we were overreacting. We took Bean to Dr. Kevin, and he found what was wrong - Bean can't digest the proteins in most foods. Dr. Kevin would always fit us in for an emergency appointment, had us call him with updates on weekends and after hours, and was genuinely concerned about our dog. Even though it takes us 40 minutes to get to his office, we don't go anywhere else.


    Wonderful office hours.


    A little expensive.

  • 5. Its only the best

    by: icantflygirl

    Hershey vet hospital has helped me in so many ways over the years. The staff is great and always there to help. Kevin is on call 24/7, if you have an emergency at 3am Kevin will be in there to help you. It is also the cleanest vet hospital you will ever walk into. I would highly reccomend Hershey vet hospital to everyone.


    Knowledgable staff, great hours, great services, very clean


    Nothing :-)

  • 6. I love Hershey Vet hospital

    by: RileyMaggieDog

    I love our vet Kevin, he takes great care of both my dogs especially the older one, since we are in there once or twice a month now that she is older. He is very easy to ask questions too, and whenever I see him out and about he always asks how the children (dogs) are doing


    clean, caring, responsible


    the price to kennel your dogs

  • 7. Best vet I've been to

    by: skb5018

    Very knowledgable staff!! I love it there. A little bit on the expensive size but it's well worth it.


    Very clean, seperate entrance for cats and dogs



  • 8. Great Place

    by: kegster8

    I have been taking my miniature schnauzer here for five years, and I have had absolutely no problems. My dog ran away once, and he got hit by a car so i called the main vet. He came right in at 11:30pm and took care of everything, and now my dog is running great! This is the cleanest, and best vet you will ever go to! It bet it could rival many doctors offices even.


    Great Staff that know exactly what they're doing!


    Sometimes you may have to wait up to 20 minutes to see the primary vet(s)

  • 9. Not my favorite vet

    by: magsmom

    Sorry but I have to disagree with previous reviewers. I find Kevin to be very arrogant and difficult to deal with at HVH. I don't think he listens to the pet parent even though he might be knowledgeable. I also find prices to be quite expensive. I won't go back there even in an emergency.


    Modern facilities


    Very arrogant

  • 10. Wonderful Care!!

    by: mak5151

    My family has always taken our animals here. A member of my family worked for Keven for almost 5 years. The money was good, but he was very abusive towards the staff and would sometimes hit the animals when they would misbehave.\r\n\r\nOn another note. He is a good vet in the fact that he knows exactly what he is doing and talking about. I warn against boarding your animals there if they have behavior problems just for the fact that he occasionally hits the animals...


    Knowledgeable staff, extremely clean


    Vet is not always nice

  • 11. Honest and Trusting Vet

    by: ddanddogs

    Kevin is the only vet I have ever recommended and the only one I would ever trust with my pets. My dog Harley, who has since past away, was very ill and Kevin was so kind and gentle to him and took good care of him. His vet care gave us a few more months with Harley before he past away. When it was Harley's last day with us, Kevin laid on the floor with him to make him feel comfortable. I don't know many vets that lay down with their patients! He's always honest with you and doesn't beat around the bush with answers. He's avabile 24/7 for your pet. Anyone who wants their pet in the best care in Harrisburg should go to Kevin.


    Always available, honest, caring and helpful


    A little pricey but good service is!

  • 12. love it

    by: Annalee86

    I took my oldest cat to Kevin after I was informed he had ringworm all over his body when I bought him from his previous owners. In no time he was diagnosed, treated, and on the road to health. He made the care I needed to give easy to understand, and was available whenever for any questions I had. Fantastic service.


    friendly, clean



  • 13. Hershey, a great place for your pets

    by: patbow

    The only reason I now go to a different vet is because I moved and my cat does not tolerate long rides. Kevin and his staff are great.


    very caring



  • 14. THE BEST VET EVER!!!

    by: deeanny

    I trust Kevin Schengrund with my pets' very lives. He is an exceptional person with an exceptional staff. I can have my girls well taken care of, including well groomed and even boarded. Everyone on staff is truly wonderful. Even when I lived 45 minutes away, I still brought my girls to Kevin. I won't go anywhere else.


    Exceptionally Knowledgeable, Compassionate; Accessible