Hermitage no-kill cat shelter, the

P.o. box 13508
Tucson, AZ 85732
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User Reviews (5)

  • 1. HOPE, making a difference!

    by: eamyers

    This organization comes in to my work, PetSmart, 3 days a week and I can never say enough good things about this group. They work very hard to get their name out there because I think they are still a relatively new group in town. The staff wants nothing but the best for all of their animals and they always say when one gets adopted that just makes room for them to go and rescue another! If you are looking for a new addition to your zoo, this group is a great source!


    Tons of Cats


    Needs more room for Dogs

  • 2. loving is what it all comes down too

    by: searcy12

    there is only one thing to say about this place. All you need is love, What they lack in resources they make up for in love


    All cats are loved here



  • 3. Mohan formerly known as Forest Gump

    by: nvrstr8

    The first time I went to this shelter I was going to see a cat I had seen at an outing at Bookmans. I was surprised by a kitten in the front room who was parlyzed from the waist down by a birth defect and she was playing with a fully functional kitten, and she appeared to have the upper hand. The cat I went to adopt had been at the shelter for over 7 months. there was nothing wrong with him other than a bad case of shy. They said no one had really gotten a chance to see him because he was an expert at hiding even at outings he hid under his blanket. We were able to find him and once placed in my home he was a huge lover cat who even made friends with the dog. He only hid during thunderstorms after that. Go see how great this place is the cats are not in cages unless there are risks.


    A no kill cat shelter


    sometimes not knowing when a cat has finished living a good lfe

  • 4. Truly a life saver!

    by: marika

    the word humane takes on new meaning here.


    loving and efficient


    too little space for too large a need

  • 5. likeable

    by: gibs7usa

    great staff


    great cats