Henry county humane society

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Napoleon, OH 43545
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User Reviews (23)

  • 1. Great Shelter

    by: djfanoh

    This is my home shelter and we have been thru 1 Adoption and working on our 2nd. I highly recommend this shelter if you are looking for a great pet. They all need good homes. So go see what animals they have.


    Great Location, Wide Variety Of Pets That Need A Home


    Hours Of Operation Could Be Longer

  • 2. Caring employees.

    by: yams21

    I know that the Henry County Humane Society does everything they can to find perfect homes for animals that need one. They also try hard to find the homes of lost pets that make their way to the shelter.


    This shelter does whatever it can to help animals find perfect homes.


    This shelter could use more space and updated facilities.

  • 3. well diserving

    by: applebaby90

    i like them and so does my lab teacher Mrs. Pippin from four county


    they try to help the customer the best they can


    there not as high tech as others

  • 4. Good Place

    by: KWestrick

    Henry County Humane Society is a good place to go. They know what they are doing. We had gotten 3 dogs there, and they lived long. They know how to take care of their animals, and prices are very reasonable


    Very good service


    Could be bigger

  • 5. Live in Fort wayne, In. but lost our G.S.D in Hamler, oh!

    by: nataliewright

    My husbands band (Mudbone) was playing at The Area 51 bar in Hamler on Fri. and Sat. night..A friend was watching the dog for us and took him outside to meet another area friendly dog..Our friend not knowing any better took him off his leash and Mac ran away and is now lost in your town! MAc has had a really tuff life growing up in a puppy mill from Missouri and we have only had him for just about a month..but have fallen in love with him as a part of our family..We are heartbroken not knowing where MAcs at or if hes ok! We have friends from Payne, Oh. that are willing to drive back to Hamler if Mac is found! We ask that if you see him..too please NOT CHASE him or Yell at him..He will only keep running if hes scared! If you are from Hamler, Ohio or that Area exc..PLEASE REPOST THIS Bulletin for Us! Our power is off due to weather and is not supposed to back on till Wed. It would be a great Christmas present for us and our kids to have Mac back home with us in Indiana..and with this weather we are extra worried! If you can help us, God Bless! Thanks!! Natalie & Jimi\r\nEMAIL US HERE!!WWW.Myspace.com/mudbone


    Thanks for helping us track down our lost family member!


    so far away:(

  • 6. I love this place

    by: horselovenmom

    I think the people here are doing a great job with what they have to work with. We are a small community but have big hearts and love our animals dearly. Keep up the good work! It's an unsung song!


    Everyone is so caring and knowledgable!



  • 7. Henry Co HS brings joy to many

    by: horselover05

    The Henry Co Shelter does an amazing job! I just hope some day they can update their facilities.


    They accept a variety of clients


    Sometimes they cant find an adoptive family

  • 8. totally awsome facility

    by: schugar

    Great group of people to run this facility.Great care provided for the animals.


    very helpful with an adoption


    can't think of any

  • 9. Amazing!

    by: gsc2268

    I have recently adopted a kitten from the Henry County Humane Society. They were so helpful in helping us find the perfect kitten. I was amazed at how many they had. I just wish that they had the space to be able to hold more. I will definitely continue to go back.


    Friendly, knowledgeable



  • 10. I was one of the Founding Members!

    by: lbgrove

    My husband, dear dog and I have now retired to Oregon BUT . . . . . . . . I still think of the very beginning of the existance of the Henry County Humane Society because I was there! \r\n\r\nSo much to do in the beginning--finding an attorney, the open-to-the-public meetings and finally people being nominated for the Board of Directors and Officers (me included), writing up our By-Laws etc. and my volunteering at the Shelter (after finding a building) and also volunteering at the retail store attached to the Shelter. Before that--there was hiring Shelter personnel and watching some burn out and leave and some who have stayed and stayed. BUT they always, always put the animals first.\r\n\r\nThe Board made a few mistakes in the people we hired but we learned--sometimes the hard way.\r\n\r\nI could go on and on but it comes down to the hard facts that the Henry County Humane Shelter deserves a good shot at this Makeover.\r\n\r\nMy old geezer, but SO precious dog, is laying next to me as I type this. She snores! She's deaf now. I adopted her at the Henry County Shelter and my husband and I have decided she was the best money we ever spent.\r\n\r\nAnd before this sweet dog lived with us, we adopted two sisters from a Shelter. We have their ashes.\r\n\r\nAnd lastly, don't let anyone ever tell you dogs are dumb.\r\n\r\nLisa B. (Pharaoh's mother)


    The personnel and volunteers work so hard with little.


    It needs a Makeover (hint, hint)!

  • 11. Doing A Lot With Very Little

    by: BuckeyeTanna

    The staff and volunteers at the Henry County Humane Society work very hard to keep the shelter clean and in welcoming visitors. They do not complain about having to do a lot with very little. \r\n\r\nA good friend of mine looked for a small family dog for a couple of months and ended up at the Henry Co. Humane Society upon my recommendation. They have had Beauty now for well over a year. She had a lot of kidney stones (I have never seen so many!) and needed lots of TLC and patience. The Humane Society did not give up on her and neither has my friend's family members. The staff were very up front about Beauty's health conditions and had made sure many steps were followed prior to her adoption and the fact that her condition might be costly. I was very impressed by their honesty and glad they did sugar-coat what would need to be done through out her life.


    Staff and Volunteers are dedicated and helpful.


    Building is not a visable facility; limited hours.

  • 12. A shelter that needs more space ([email protected])

    by: heathersmith3

    My place of employment sends volunteers to the Henry Co. Humane Society every other Friday. My co-worker has said that everyone there is very caring, hard working and dedicated towards these animals. The only problem is that every kennel is full. This shelter needs more space to be able to provide for every animal that needs a loving home.


    hard working staff, committed to the animals and finding the best home possible for them


    little space

  • 13. The Humane Society needs a makeover!!!

    by: Hoperdoodle

    This is a good Humane Society in which needs an important makeover. They should get the makeover because there are many people in which are supporting the Henry County Humane Society from all over Henry Co.


    Help animals find good homes.


    They need to have this Makeover.

  • 14. We need a make-over

    by: Hopemak

    Not only does Henry County do a great job of helping pets but it also has several events that people can enjoy with their pets. Everyone we have talked to from the shelter has been extremely helpful and we are hoping they continue the great work. They don't only help pets, they help people. Pets are family and will love you unconditionally forever.


    Great people doing a great job helping pets and people


    They need a make over

  • 15. lets do it

    by: calical6905

    really fun staff and a great volunteer





  • 16. The society

    by: y2kane

    This place is doing the community a great service and I would like to see them win the "Makeover" contest. They could really use it.


    They are doing a great job


    The need a bigger facility.

  • 17. My favorite Cat

    by: elissann13

    I adopted my first cat from there in 2000. There was adorable kittens, but this cat was one of the biggest cats I had ever seen! he was beautiful. He had a white belly, tiger striped tail, and a half white half caramel colored nose. Oh I felll in love immediately! Cooper fit in with the family right away too! The staff helped us with the process of adopting him and getting him 'fixed' right away so he could come home with us as soon as possible. The Henry County Humane Society does its best to help lost and found animals, give strays a place to go, and find just the right home for all animals!


    I got to adopt Cooper! The staff was friendly and cooperative with us, and helped us get him home right away!


    The building is very old and could use some updates.

  • 18. Safe and sound!

    by: ztT4MP44633597

    Lady zooped away one Saturday morning. We were frantic and tried every way we knew to find her. On Monday morning when I called the Henry County Humane Society we were so relieved to find her resting in the shelter. The shelter was very clean and Lady was so happy to see us. What a relief!


    It's a relief that our animals have a safe haven when they stray.


    There are no cons.

  • 19. A shelter that cares

    by: wildlifebiotwn

    This shelter quickly moves animals in and out. They serve a large area and take animals in from anywhere. My family has adopted 3 dogs and 1 cat from this shelter in the past two years. All of the animals have been perfect for our family. They do a great job matching people with animals and screening potential owners to make sure the animal won't need to be returned. They include spaying/neutering and shots in the cost of the adoption. They have an organized system and are thorough in keeping the place clean. Their volunteers and workers care for the animals and do their best to find them good homes.


    The people here do anything they can to get animals adopted and are organized and clean!


    They need more space and better temperature control

  • 20. Shelter

    by: screager

    I used to volunteer at this shelter and the staff is very friendly and care alot about all the animals. My parents adopted a couple puppies from there before and they were always nice and helpful. Its a great place i just wish they had more room and resources. buy i know the animals are always well cared for there!


    Very nice staff, great animals, well taken care of


    not alot of room often overpopulated

  • 21. The Unsung and Barking in a Cornfield.

    by: bwaisne

    The Henry County Human Society is a reflection of the values and the emphasis on community that the rural Ohio county where it works. The creature of Henry County are well-served because of the unsung angels in the cornfield.


    Very active in the community and caring with the furry types


    Their building doesn't reflect their dedication to the cause

  • 22. Waiting

    by: joycebolt

    I'm waiting for my new Daughter! She is a 3 month old lab retriever. She has to get fixed Monday. We pick her up Tuesday Morning.\r\nOur last dog died after 10.5 years of happiness. We adopted her from the Henry County Humane society too. The waiting, for my new little girl is killer. \r\nThe Henry County Humane society is so very important, to this community. Keep up the good work.




    sad to see, so many dogs that need homes

  • 23. Great Place

    by: mkayc1961

    I admire all shelters. It is very sad to see so many animals that people do not care for. If i could i would take all home with me. I would hsve problems just picking one animal to take home.