Hempfield Animal Hospital

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  • 1. Consider another option

    by: distressedinlancpa

    We took our two dogs to this practice for 11 years. In early spring 2011, we took our elder dog in for an exam of a bump on her side. The vet eyeballed it as nothing and harmless and did not offer a test. Our other dog has those fatty bumps so we (naively) accepted this diagnosis. The dog was in to see other vets in the practice multiple times during the course of the year. At no time did a vet offer to test this bump, even when we mentioned it in another visit. The primary vet admits that none of the vets in the practice looked at her chart from visit to visit (what is the point of a chart then???) and that is how they missed its growth. By the time they tested it (at our insistance) it was malignant. While it's true that this dog is older, 12 months ago we would have been discussing removal not euthanasia which is where we are now. We hold ourselves accountable for trusting a diagnosis that was "eyeballed" but the practice was responsible for checking this bump visit upon visit and keeping an eye on it. They could, at the very least, have counciled us to have it tested last year and allowed us to make the choice as to whether or not we wanted to pursue that option. We never even got that option.


    Cons are too great to list any pros


    Lack of proactive testing, "eyeballing" things, inconsistent treatment among the vets, carelessness, I could go on