Helping paws animal welfare

2500 harding lane
Woodstock, IL 60098

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Helping Paws visit

    by: lakotakat

    Adopted two "senior" cats. Discovered (after the fact) their shots were NOT "up-to-date" as we HAD initially been told by the staff.\r\n\r\nMakes us wonder about ANY health care/tests/shots they had since they had arrived at the facility several months previously.\r\n\r\nOne cat in particular had an extreme stress-related skin/fur condition that made it very unsightly, yet they were definitely NOT treating it (except with an "Oh, well..." attitude)! And the staff member hurt/bruised it very badly by grabbing it very roughly and shoving it into our carrier. The cat was way too large/heavy for the "kitten grip" procedure used.


    Very large, open bright rooms, kept very clean - no cages!


    Vet "care" is spotty & shots, etc. probably NOT up-to-date

  • 2. This is a wonderful place for abandoned animals

    by: Mom2Chia

    Our neighbor volunteers here and so we have gotten to know this shelter. They place animals in foster care whenever possible, and moved to a bigger space so they could care for more animals. We have gone there several times and almost brought home another dog, but they wanted to meet Chia first and see if she would get along with the other dog. She didn't - but I thought that was a great idea. It also showed that they do care about where their animals are placed so that owner and animal are happy and safe.


    Loving care, no-kill attitude, nice new space


    lack of funding

  • 3. our doggie

    by: noni31c

    We had gone to several shelters looking for a dog. We decided to stop by Helping Paws one Saturday and found Ben. We had walked through the dog area inside. The spaces were very roomy and the dogs were not crowded. We walked outside to the runners (which were HUGE) and found our Ben. We were taken to an extremely large running area, which was fenced in order to spend time with Ben. Ben is the best dog ever, and we are fortunate that we found him, and that Helping Paws spends time with each possible candidate for their animals.


    clean, open spaces, dogs have tons of room