Helping hands humane society, inc.

2625 nw rochester road
Topeka, KS 66617
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  • 1. We'll never go back.

    by: ztT4MP34907072

    Our experience with HHHS was not good. They discouraged interaction with the animals. It smells bad everywhere. The people there seem to delight more in enforcing their adoption restrictions then placing animals. When it was discovered that there is no way to take home a pet the same day you visit, our daughter was devistated. The staff seemed very familiar with that outcome of their policies and threw each other smug knowing glances as our children broke down. When we shared our experience with others, many reported having a similar experience. \r\n\r\nI've heard animal rights advocates praise shelters and bash pet stores. Having gone directly from a smelly unwelcoming shelter to clean and inviting pet store, the contrast does not support the pro-shelter mentality. The animals at the shelter were crowded, nervous, and scared, not the ones at the pet store.\r\n\r\nMy wish is that those who promote the shelter (TV stations, sports teams, those contemplating memorial contributions) would go there and pretend they intend to adopt a pet and see what kind of experience they have.\r\n\r\nThe cat we eventually purchased from the pet store - the one we initially intended to adopt from HHHS - is healthy, happy, neutered, it sleeps with our daughter every night.\r\n\r\nLiving in a rural area and unaware of the prohibitive practices, we drove forty miles to get to HHHS. Because our older cat has gone outside, our application would have been denied anyhow, or so we've been told.\r\n\r\nWe will never return to HHHS and discourage anyone from entering into the bizarre hassle they've created in the name of protecting animals from those willing to feed and house them.\r\n\r\nDid you know that, if your dog is a little late for his next round of shots, you are not fit to own a pet? Just ask HHHS.\r\n\r\nI expressed concern to them several times and got no response.


    They get a lot of free advertising.


    They don't deserve it.