Help the animals inc

2101 w. main st
Richmond , IN 47374

User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Good Name

    by: lambrhondal

    I very much liken the name - it is what all of us should be about. There are the numbers that overwhelm most if not all. It takes dedicated workers to get even one out of the doors into a forever home. I like the thought that the name is carried over to all of our efforts.


    Helping companions



  • 2. Great Shelter

    by: amblock

    This is a great shelter, and has great animals.


    Lots of animals, clean


    Not enough Space

  • 3. The worlds best dogs live here

    by: kmorour06

    Great dogs that have a lot of house broken and well trained dogs. All the dogs are great with people and make perfect pets, in my opinion! I love working here and being a part of this community!


    great dogs, good hardowrking staff, cages cleaned once if not twice daily,



  • 4. Dedication

    by: alexm

    I have been to this shelter before. They are very nice and eager to assist any animal. My friend and I found a pigeon that was sick. We were lucky enough that the wildlife person was there that day. I called and they asked me to bring the bird right away. Anytime they have a function to earn money I try and get there to support them. The Dr. they have there is a tremendous asset. There is so much more I know that they would do if they had the resources. If you ever get the chance to donate please do. The work they do is amazing. Thank you to all of them. :)


    The number of animals they find homes for


    So much more they could with more resources coming there way,

  • 5. hobsonmt1997

    by: hobsonmt1997

    My family has adopted several pets from Help the Animals and have been nothing but pleased. When visiting the facility you can feel the love for the animals from all the staff. I have, however not been real happy with some of the staff when dropping off donations. We also use the spay and neuter clinic for several of our cats and have as well been very pleased with the surgery and recovery, with the staff as well as the animal we have taken in. I would recommend this facility to anyone looking for an animal.


    staff dedicated to finding good home for the pets


    not enough room; could use a new updated facility

  • 6. Growing shelter

    by: dovejay

    There are a lot of problems in this shelter with showing gratitude for its volunteers. They don't return phone calls and are not up front with potential adopters. They are strict about some things but very inconsistent and often dishonest. The new director shows promise, there is a new energy present but will probably be overshadowed by the inconsistencies of the past and crossover staff. Facilities and friendliness are better than at the other shelter in Richmond.


    A lot of animals presented well.


    Lots of sickness present