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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Disappointing

    by: TakeCareOfMyPet

    I was quite disappointed with this place. I had been taking my pets to Plain City from Hilliard for several years and thought a closer location would be worth it. Unfortunately it was not. I gave them a try with my two dogs a few times to give it fair shot, but they lacked the family connection with me. All of my experiences were a long wait and a brief visit and a pricey charge for services rendered. One more notable experience was when I brought my dog to have his eye check because it had some goop and a possible infection. I had an appointment yet I waited nearly an hour to get to the exam room where I waited another 15 minutes before I was informed that the doctor would be in shortly. When the doctor cam in another 15 minutes later (1.5 hours now) she took a look at his eyes and used a tool to gauge pressure (I think she mentioned it was measuring pressure) on the eyeballs. When she was done she left. The time she spent with me was less than 3 minutes. About a minute to ask what my pet was there for and 2 minutes to use the tool. To much disappointment, I never saw her again after she left. I was visited by a tech 10 minutes later to tell me I owe nearly $200, 100 of which was for the hand held tool that took two minutes to use. The actual contact on each eye was only about 5-10 seconds a piece (It took her longer to get it out of the cabinet and put it away). I was charged for the office visit and antibiotics. This was a few years ago so I don’t remember what the office visit portion was out of the final 100. At any rate, I had at least expected to have a conversation with the doctor. To not even be considerate enough to tell me what she found, I was quite insulted. My reaction to the tech was immediate surprise and a question on how they can charge $100 for a 20 second procedure. That was the final straw. I never took either one of my pets there again. They seem to be just all about making the money. For $200, my two pets get an office visit, all their shots, and a full exam at me original vet. It was worth the 30 minute drive for the appointments.


    Close by


    Expensive, Lack of Connection

  • 2. Healthy Pets a great place.

    by: carlabraner

    The vets are knowledgable and the staff is friendly and caring.


    Convenient location & extended hours


    I can't think of anything negative to say about this office.

  • 3. Vet Review

    by: scoobydoo2

    I have taken my dog to this place for years. I do like the Vets...every one I've worked with is very caring and kind to my dog...and my dog does not always return the favor. They deal with fidgety and frightened animals very well. My dog had to have emergency surgery on a Sunday, where people had to be called in, and I did not get any indication that they were in any way being 'put out' or inconvenienced. I was a bit upset at the situation and they were very kind to me. I would recommend them to anyone.


    Vets are very friendly and caring, and have a lot of knowlege.


    I have waited quite a while in the waiting room for someone to help me. Service can be a little slow.

  • 4. very nice vet office

    by: jrichter

    I switched my dog away from this vet because I was trying to find a lower-priced vet. However, I regret it in a BIG WAY. Healthy Pets offers great service, their office is always very clean and well kept, and they do all they can to accomodate both pets and pet parents. Their doctors are knowledgable and answer any and all questions. AND, they offer boarding and if you're one of their clients, you get moved to the top of their waiting list when their is one! It's really a nice office.


    clean, friendly, willing to get your pet in right away, boarding


    a bit pricey