Healthpointe Veterinary Clinic

740 Shoals Road
Duncan, SC 29334

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Healthpointe Veterinary Clinic Above the rest!

    by: Eyespi20

    The vets are compassionate, knowledgeable and very good with your pets! They know you want the best care and take the necessary steps to provide it.\n\nThey are always ready to accommodate your needs as far as scheduling an appointment or getting the right food or medicine for your pet. \n\nI highly recommend their services.


    Accomodating, great with animals and owners


    none that I can think of

  • 2. Healthpointe Vets Care!

    by: lemh

    Both Dr. Hurlbert and Dr. Wiltsie see rabbits, but I've seen Dr. Hurlbert more. This clinic specializes in exotics, and are one of the few in Upstate SC (particularly the Greenville-Spartanburg area) who do. I have yet to go in for a check-up without seeing birds or guinea pigs or lizards or some other unusual pet, in addition to dogs and cats in the waiting room. (Note, though, that they treat exotics, but don't schedule exotics' appointments on the weekend.)\n\nThey take wonderful care of your pet, very conscientious and caring. When my bunny was 'fixed', they called me at work to let me know how everything had gone. Everyone working there loves animals, and it shows. When I moved recently, Dr. Wiltsie gave me her contact information to pass on to my new vet, so that she could answer any questions my new vet might have about my bunny/bunnies in general - even though I was moving cross-country!!\n\nCan't recommend them enough!\n\nThis clinic is between Greenville and Spartanburg. Shoals Road is just off 290, which is Exit 63 off I-85. It's very easy to find (it's right by the Middle Tyger YMCA, if you know the area). From where I lived (Mauldin, SC), it's about a 20-25 minute drive but definitely worth the trip.


    great staff; one of only 2 vets in Upstate SC who handle exotics


    only see exotic on weekdays, not weekends