Healdsburg animal shelter [has]

570 westside road
Healdsburg, CA 95448
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. great shelter

    by: etherealmm

    Great shelter, they help lots of animals





  • 2. Healdsburg Animal Shelter could use help!

    by: zak

    I work at the Healdsburg Animal Shelter and I find this a great environment to work in. The dogs are always happy and the cats never want for anything. There is only one problem though. The facilities are running down! This shelter is almost 50 years old! So, if you can imagine, the shelter is wearing down, slowly but surely. That's why we need YOUR help to win this makeover. The dogs and cats would love it and I think I speak for the staff when I say that we would love it too!


    The staff is great, the animals are happy, and I enjoy working there.


    The shelter is running down and needs your help to fix it up!

  • 3. The best(next to home) place for any animal

    by: ChrisLove

    The last two dogs we have had as a family have been from the Healdsburg Animal Shelter. They were both strays, and were well taken care of before we adopted them. Both ended up being wonderful dogs. These folks work so hard to find homes for every animal that comes across their threshold. And I can't remember the last time that anyone even talked about putting one to sleep. There was even one puppy from a 'throw-away' litter that they raised money for because it needed surgery. Then the vet finally decided that it was too weak to have the surgery, so a foster parent has taken it home to let it live out its final days in comfort. Now THAT is dedication. These folks CARE. We are a small town, but a growing town. With that comes an increase in animal population, and humans that don't know how to take care of pets. Every animal that leaves the shelter has been neutered or spayed so there will not be any additional unwanted litters. But, until such time (will there ever be one?) when everyone realizes that spaying and neutering is a good thing, we have many unwanted pets. Our hard working HAS employees and their charges need this makeover. They deserve a chance to work in betters quarters, have bigger kennels and runs and cat rooms and kitten rooms, updated laundry facilities, etc. etc. etc..... This really is one hard working group that is very dedicated to the welfare of all animals. I would not go any where else to get another animal.


    Euthanisia ONLY as a last resort. Animals are kept for a long time and all employees and the town try to find good, permanent homes.


    They really need more room. Our town is growing, so the animal population is growing also.