Headwaters humane society

901 western ave. s
Park rapids, MN 56470
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User Reviews (5)

  • 1. wonderful facility

    by: AmandaTeske

    this is one of the better facilities that i have visited. my grandparents live in the area and when i have visited them, i have also visited headwaters. it is a great facility, very clean, great helpful staff, the animals are treated wonderfully, and to top it off it's a no-kill shelter! what could possibly be any better?!





  • 2. I Love This Shelter

    by: MygirlMari

    Let me count the ways:\r\nIts a no kill Shelter that will accept dogs from surrounding counties when space is avaibale.\r\nThey dont have enough outdoor runs because most of the dogs are large breeds and they could realy use some help building new outdoor runs.\r\nThe staff are friendly and caring. I love the spay and neuter requirments and the fact that they do follow up calls to see how tha animal is getting along in their new home.\r\n\r\nI got my Staffie Jaantay from this facility so I know there is great follow up and follow through once and animal is placed.\r\n\r\n\r\n


    No Kill


    Hours avaibale

  • 3. Wonderful animal shelter!

    by: roadrunr

    It is a wonderful no-kill shelter that offers huge outdoor exercise pens as well as a big cat room. It is very clean and well organized. I have adopted 4 dogs/cats from them and all of them are just wonderful pets! It is a beautiful place & we are very fortunate to have them!


    Very clean & healthy environment


    They need more donations to support the great demand

  • 4. why this shelter

    by: Mikado

    I have known about this shelter before they ever got their building. The building i great and the staff does everything they can think of to generate money to care for these animals. I feel thos that they really could benifit from an on site behavioralist. \r\n\r\nThe staff and volunteers really do try to find the best forever home for the animals in their care.


    No kill, dog friendly,


    volunteers and staff are not knowledgeable on breeds

  • 5. A beautiful facility

    by: KR69

    The shelter is only a few years old. They have a big cat room with lots of cats to choose from and the dogs have a big fenced area (with lots of trees) where the dogs can run.


    A newer facility