Hazleton animal shelter association

P.o box 481 101 n. poplar st
Hazleton , PA 18201

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Needs room to grow to match worker's hearts!

    by: XxThesounknown

    The Hazleton animal shelter is really great- we're trying so hard to work and find homes for all the homeless animals and if not find them homes, find them rescues that can help better place them. Clean and neat inside, compared to some other facilities i've seen and the staff is rather knowledgeable too. Definitely recommend stopping by to say hi and maybe get your next furry friend!


    great loving staff, very clean and neat inside, really working for the animals


    needs more funding, more support. Would be nice to see a room to visit dogs in too.

  • 2. Needs growth to have a positive change in the community!

    by: SnushKid

    Great staff.. (lol I think we do a good job, right?).. but needs out buildings / more indoor room made specially for meeting dogs, esp. on days when it is rainy/snowing/cold. Meeting them in the lobby is not the best, but they (we?) do try to keep it as clean and presentable as possible! =]


    Great selection of animals, knowledgable staff


    need more indoor room to meet and greet animals..

  • 3. A Loving Job

    by: truffles2

    I find it heart warming to see how all of the staff really cares for each animal. It makes you feel good just to watch this. The animals are treated with love and kindness


    Everyone shows love to these animals


    The building is in need of repair

  • 4. Under New Management

    by: DKrull

    The shelter has recently come under new management and I have seen many positive improvements in the last two months. It is much cleaner and the animals are getting much better care .\r\n\r\nThe staff is very helpful when it comes to matching animals to families and show great kindness to the animals in their care.\r\n\r\nUnfortunately, there have been no physical improvements made to the shelter in many years. It is desparately in need of updating and they definitely need additional runs for the dogs.\r\n\r\nAll things considered, this is a good shelter, with a staff which does its best to place animals in a forever home.


    Friendly, helpful staff


    Facility needs a ton of work

  • 5. Needs housing capacity to match workers hearts

    by: troiani

    The shelter from the outside is little more than an odd shaped building with chain link fence. When you walk in your always greeted by a friendly face and someone willing to help match you with the animal that will match your personality.If you cant find a friend to match you that day, they will take your name and number and always call you if they see something that may fit your companionship needs. The facility is outdated as far as flooring and general mantainance. I feel the staff tryes to keep it as clean as possible, and to do the best they can with what they are given. A rennovation is really needed to give their animals more room, and more kennels so they dont have to turn down animals or send them to jesus if it's not needed!!


    Helpfull Staff that is wonderful with the animals and has their best interest in mind!


    They need more room, they have to turn animals away due to space constraints and the facility is outdated