Hawkins libbi dvm

4421 southwest vermont
Portland, OR 97219
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Good care

    by: kathearn

    Have not had any experience with Dr. Hawkins, but have spoken with a few of her clients they all have good things to say about her. She is compassionate and knowledgeable. Her office is new so it's 'state of the art'.


    compassionate vet


    can't think of any

  • 2. Great place to work!

    by: danielai

    I work here, so of course I say its great. But it really is. There is a lot of love for animals at this clinic. We have great clients, great pets, and we will make the personal effort needed to help your pet feel better. I felt the caring in the environment when I walked in, and now I enjoy being a part of that.


    Very knowledgable medical staff, love the pets


    Could use room to expand

  • 3. Great Vet!

    by: Birchjay

    Libbi is one of the best. She cared for our very medically challenged cat for years. At each turn she was kind, caring, helpful, and knowledgeable. She never once sent us away with an Rx that wasn't needed, but got to the root of each problem and explored every possible solution with us. Even with all of the needed treatment our cat perked up every time she came in the room. Libbi really is great with the animals (and anxious parents too) as well as the medicine!


    Patient, felxible, knowledgeable, caring